10 Flaws Of Website Builders

The author of the article: Vladyslav Vasylenko, a local promotion specialist at the ADINDEX agency.

Local Promotion Specialist

Vladyslav Vasylenko

Sooner or later, each growing business starts thinking about creating a website for their company. These thoughts are often followed by a common problem of choosing how to implement this task. Of course, many business owners want to do in for as little money as possible (or even for free). This is especially true for those projects which are at their early stages of development: the profit isn’t stable yet, and it’s important to save money almost on everything. Website builders were explicitly created for this case. Such builders are services that allow creating a decent website with the help of various templates for little money and without programmers’ help. Well, such websites do look decent at first glance.

However, is it actually so simple and good as it seems? Probably you already guessed that there are some pitfalls. We want to discuss these pitfalls with you in this article.

Flaw 1. Design-templates

We want to warn everyone who wants to stand out among competitors: a website builder definitely won’t help you achieve that.

Why? Because after you register on any website builder service, you’ll have to pick one of the available website templates. They are very similar within one platform and won’t help you stand out.


Flaw 2. Limited functions

A website created with the help of a website builder has a limited number of functions. Sure, you’ll be able to create an order form; however, your options will be pretty much limited by that. It won’t be possible (or it will be hard, at least) to purchase on such a website.

Flaw 3. Lack of professional approach

Website creation requires specific knowledge of programming, marketing, and design. A website builder eases the process for those who create a website because you don’t have to know how to code to use such a builder. But even if you have great taste and design skills, this doesn’t mean that this would be enough to create a website that looks good, is easy to use, and, what’s most important, could sell well.

Flaw 4. Website’s loading speed

If you create a website with the help of a builder, it severely affects its loading speed. Most people leave a website even before it loads completely. This happens because all builders clutter up a website’s program code, which slows down its loading speed — a lot.

Flaw 5. There’s no SEO

You want to create a website with the help of a builder and get it into Top of Google Search results? That’s impossible: a website created with the help of a builder has no options for SEO promotion. Even if the content is unique, such a website still consists of templates and has poor loading speed. Search engines don’t deem such websites worthy of first positions in search results.

Flaw 6. You don’t own this website

When you create a website with the help of a builder, you don’t have any rights to it. Basically, you rent that website. A platform that offers you this renting service could close your website at any moment or make some changes to it without informing you. After your subscription ends, your website disappears without any chances of restoring it.

Flaw 7. Subscription

All website builders offer you a subscription for hosting their your website. You have to keep in mind that in this case, you own a website as long as you pay the subscription fee. Yes, if you hire professionals to create a website for you, you still have to pay for domain and hosting; however, there’s a massive difference here. When you stop paying for a website that was developed, especially for you, it remains yours, and you could restore it online at any time.

Flaw 8. Fixation on a platform

When one decides to use a website builder, they usually start (and end) with picking a builder. Once you choose a builder platform that matches your budget and needs, prepare to stay on this platform ‘forever.’ Unfortunately, no website builder would enable you to move to the other platform if something happens.

Flaw 9. Only third-level domains are free

Domain names significantly affect a website’s recognition, its promotion in search engines, and, of course, the users’ trust. Most likely, you won’t trust a website with an address that looks like my-best-site.ucoz.net, for instance. Of course, you could connect your own domain: however, this would cost you extra money, and a builder won’t provide you with one.

Flaw 10. Lack of prestige

Websites created with the help of builders always look cheap and unprofessional. When you save money on the website’s development, this doesn’t benefit you much — on the contrary, such a website could scare potential clients away.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, we want to say that a website created with the help of a builder won’t be able to compete with a professional one. That’s why you should entrust this task to us.

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