Internet marketing audit. What is it, and why does the business need it?

Ask yourself four questions about the internet marketing of your project.

1. Is my marketing working the way I would like it to work?
2. Is the quality of my campaigns good?
3. Maybe there is something I can do better and get better results?
4. Do I regularly get new promotion ideas from my internet marketers?

If you answer “no” to any of these questions, read on.

The main goal of the audit is to optimize online marketing efforts in such a way as to increase sales.

The audit result is expressing in a list of decisions that you receive from the auditing agency. That is usually a list of problems and solutions to them.

There are two main questions that the audit provides answers to:

1. Are there any critical things when something is not done well, not at the proper level of quality, or even to the detriment?
2. What can we do better?

The answers to these questions, on the one hand, help to be sure that everything is fine with marketing; on the other hand, they give grounds for negotiations with the current contractor to improve conditions and increase efficiency. In critical cases, you need to think about changing the contractor.

Paid and free audit

Auditing agencies that do an audit for a fee as part of their services, most likely, do not audit for the sake of obtaining a customer. That is just a paid service, which means that their audit is aimed not at finding shortcomings and just selling but at finding objective growth reserves, taking into account the level of possible resources on the side of the business. That is, not what is faulty, but what can be improved and what will it give.

If the agency offers you an audit for free, this is likely an attempt to find a new client, pointing out the list of mistakes of the current contractor. Be selective.

If your contractor is interested in improving the result, then, in fact, the audit will be helpful for them as well; as a view from the side of independent experts whose purpose is not to sell their services instead of them but to help them improve the results for your business;

For a contractor interested in the result, the audit is beneficial and helpful in the same way as for the business for which the agency works; The main thing is that the auditor and the contractor, and the business owner constructively evaluate the proposals set out in the audit.

What to inspect first and why?

Search engine advertising, SEO promotion, and social media marketing are the main online promotion channels that most companies use in their digital strategies. If you have the same – we recommend auditing:

  • Advertising account Google AdWords/Yandex.Direct.
  • Website SEO optimization.
  • Analysis of pages and advertising account in social networks;

Who should you entrust the audit to?

Before submitting your project for audit, study the auditing agency. What is essential to pay attention to:

  • The agency must be Google Partners or Premium Google Partners. That indicates that the agency’s specialists meet Google’s criteria, regularly undergo training, and are the first to receive recommendations and new ideas for improving the strategy from Google. This way, you are guaranteed to get to the professionals.
  • Check out successful agency cases for SEO, SMM, and PPC.
  • Ask the agency what the audit results will contain.

What should be in the audit results?

Using the Google AdWords account analysis model, we give an example of audit results. The results must contain three required blocks:

Block 1. Checking the correctness of the created campaigns for critical errors.

Here are some examples of errors that we meet when auditing PPC:

1. Ads are shown not in the geolocation, in which delivery of your goods is possible.
2. Links in ads lead to non-existent pages or products.
3. There are spelling errors in the ads.
4. The budget is wasting due to incorrect bids and positions.
5. You sell doors, and your ads are showing in buy honey queries.

Block 2. Analysis of the content with which the audience contacts – images, videos, texts in ads, headlines.

Block 3. Recommendations for development. That is the answer to the question – what can I do to make it better?

It is impossible to stay afloat without applying new tools, features, and strategies. Google, Facebook, SEO, Email tools change, update, new resources appear, new formats and requirements are introducing. That is a dynamic and mobile space, and to survive in it, you need to be able to adapt, constantly learn, and try new things.

For example, if you have not used product remarketing and have not used smart-ads, you can expand your ads with additional fields by adding offline store addresses. That will help promote retail.

How often do you need to audit?

It is significant to understand that audit is not a one-time service. It’s like seeing a doctor every six months. The main rule here is regularity. The regular analysis allows you to keep the project in shape: to receive solutions, fresh ideas, and website marketing recommendations.

For our clients, we carry out an inspection every three and six months. The frequency of inspections depends on the dynamics of the project. For third-party projects, the audit is carried out within four working days and requires access to accounts and the Google Analytics system at the view level.


The value of such an inspection is that you get a fresh perspective on familiar, well-established techniques, strategies, and tools. Ultimately, after the audit, the owner or marketing manager interested in promotion receives:

1. Confidence that you are working with professionals, namely, you have chosen the right contractor, hired an employee, found an agency.
2. List of mistakes and options for their solution.
3. Fresh ideas and solutions for project marketing optimization;
4. The realization that you are not investing your funds in Internet promotion in vain.