The ADINDEX Team: What Did We Change In Our Clients’ Projects During The Pandemic

In this article, specialists from four departments of the ADINDEX agency (SMM, SEO, Contextual Advertising and Analytics) will tell you about the things they changed in their clients’ projects during the quarantine period, the things they had to give up, and the tools they had to add. They also share their recommendations to help businesses come out of isolation.

The SMM department: our audience is more involved in communication during the quarantine period

Iryna Mazur, head of the SMM department at the ADINDEX agency

Let’s describe the changes in our department’s work by comparing two clients from different niches.

The client: VOLYA

The niche: telecommunication provider

This period is one of the most beneficial for the telecommunication sphere. Therefore, we made the following adjustments of our work strategy for this client:

  1. We increased the number of promoted posts dedicated to the diversity of content the client’s partners offer.
  2. We increased the budget for promotion of the surveys like ‘Which character do you like more?’, ‘Which movie genre you prefer?’, as during the quarantine period, the audience is more involved in communication and interactions than ever.
  3. The Audience Network placement (affiliate apps and websites) proved to be highly effective because people started viewing websites on smartphones and using mobile apps more often. Therefore, we used the Audience Network to display advertising campaigns for mobile app settings. As a result, the ad response increased, the CPC became average 7 times cheaper than the CPC of the other Facebook and Instagram placement, and the cost of one app installment lowered 2 times.

The client: HOLZ

The niche: chain of stores selling doors and flooring

We prepared the following recommendations for this client, taking their business’ specifics into account.

Recommendation №1: Be present in your clients’ smartphones.

People are used to living online 24/7, and they are looking for ideas for future renovations. It’s crucial for the brands to communicate with the clients actively and to receive feedback from them. The brands have to demonstrate their position and attitude towards the things that happen these days. They also have to provide value and positive emotions to their audience. This is what helps to build the audience’s trust and loyalty.

What to do to achieve that:

  • conduct surveys in Stories; launch quizzes, and engage the subscribers;
  • create a section ’Top 10 questions about…’ (doors, laminate, vinyl). Film videos with experts (for instance, with a category manager who specializes in doors), answer the question the clients usually ask when they choose a product.
  • launch live broadcasts from the business owner: in our case, the owner of the HOLZ company told the audience more about the company, its purpose, message, and values, described how the company manages to work during the quarantine period, how it takes care about the clients, and so on.

Recommendation №2: Launch advertising campaigns on social media.

The cost of advertising has lowered, while the engagement continues to increase. As many of the major players in the advertising market paused their advertising campaign, other brands received a chance to drive new potential clients with less effort and budget investment.

16_9 FULL LANDSCAPE (1).png

In a month (since the end of February), the price for 1000 displays on the Facebook Ads platform lowered by 40%, while the CPC reduced by 35%, and the Engagement grew by 56%. As you can see, now the businesses can get more attention for less more.

Recommendation №3: Create useful content.

Currently, the most popular posts in HOLZ feed are dedicated to types of furniture, doors, tips on product selection from our category managers and designers. It’s necessary to:

  • keep the account ‘alive’;
  • reduce the number of unemotional informational posts;
  • add value — for instance, write tips and lifehacks to encourage people to save your posts. The consumers are interested in the essence of your brand’s behavior, not in promos like ‘Buy 2, get the third one for free’. They may not make a purchase immediately, but plan it for the future.
  • create product selections, tips on floor laying from the masters, tips on zoning, expanding, and narrowing the space in your house or flat.

The SEO department: only one client paused the work; the others decided that show must go on

Ekateryna Kyiasova, lead specialist of the SEO department at the ADINDEX agency

  1. The general situation in the SEO department

Only one client paused the SEO work at the stage of website creation. The ADINDEX team was responsible for the support of the project’s implementation. The rest of our current clients didn’t pause the SEO services for the quarantine period. This is the result of negotiations of our account managers with the clients and of agreements on new task plans and budget, which is more appropriate for the current situation.

16_9 FULL LANDSCAPE (2).png

The budgets for the external promotion lowered, while the dynamics for maintenance remains the same. We temporarily paused the crowd marketing for several projects, while link purchasing and external posting of the articles remained as a basis. We also focus on the improvement of the internal content on the websites and improvement of the structure of our clients’ websites in general.

  1. We continue to follow the planned promotional strategy and work to improve the quality of the projects in terms of content and technologies. The pandemic or the quarantine implementation isn’t able to change the approach to SEO work, as SEO is, foremost, about the technical improvement of a website, work with the internal content, and increase of search engines’ trust towards a website. All these things remain unchanged.
  2. Things that we changed in our work and recommended to our clients
  • To inform the visitors about the current work hours of an online store using a banner on a website.

Unfortunately, our offline stores are closed. However, we continue to work online!
  • To continue writing and posting PR articles on external niche-related resources.
  • We changed the content strategy for our blog. The previously created content plan for several projects turned out to be irrelevant because of the quarantine. For instance, the articles on foreign university selection created for the ‘Education Abroad’ project. That’s why we came up with new topics for a blog.

An example of articles.

The results for the quarantine period (April/March comparison)

The growth of the projects’ trust rate led to the increase in traffic during the quarantine period (we take into account that the sales migrated from offline to online).

The sales grew by 50% in the car film, tools, and accessory niche.

The contextual advertising department: we started communicating with clients more

Olha Redka, the head of Contextual Advertising department at the ADINDEX agency

We didn’t experience many changes; however, a few of them did happen.

  1. We implemented weekly reports. Before the quarantine period, we send reports on projects once a month. Now we do it more often and add weekly sections for clients.
  2. We removed the address expansion from the ads. As the businesses temporarily don’t have an offline, we don’t see any value in specifying the geolocation in the ads.
  3. We increased the budget for certain projects and lowered it for the other ones. This happened because some niches started getting more requests and some — less.
  4. We monitor the traffic increases and drops very carefully. It’s not like we didn’t do this before; however, in current realities, the situation isn’t stable; it changes every day. Therefore, we have to watch it even more closely.
  5. Our communication with the clients became deeper. As many businesses switch to online and temporarily become unavailable offline, they need maximum support and constant reporting about the current situation. That’s why we started to communicate more and try to be in touch all the time.

We hope that the quarantine will end soon, and the traffic (along with budgets for advertising) will start to grow quicker. That’s why our tip, for now, is simple: just monitor the market and keep your finger on the pulse.

The analytics department: an average number of online buyers will definitely increase after the quarantine

Olena Berezovska, the head of the Analytics department at the ADINDEX agency

We continue working with the following niches: telecommunications, e-commerce (online stores), omnichannel business (that has both online and offline presence).

We stopped working with only one client: an informational platform dedicated to traveling.

16_9 FULL LANDSCAPE (3).png

New things that we implemented:

  • Setting up the analytics for a group of apps.
  • We started needing landing pages more, as well as needing to manage the cards in Google My Business (now they can store more content and experience maximum improvements).
  • We implement both end-to-end analytics and call tracker as actively, as before.

The things that became irrelevant and were declined by us:

At the moment, we stopped all the work for end-to-end analytics that focused on tracking and analyzing the stores’ offline visitors.

Our forecasts

We need analytics even more than before. As the resources are limited, we need to understand which channel would be the most effective for business promotion. The analytics could also help you track the changes in the users’ behavior caused by the quarantine measures.

Our forecasts are the following: when the quarantine ends, the average number of online buyers will become more significant than before. Many people that preferred more traditional purchasing methods (like going to offline stores, and so on) tried ordering goods online and definitely liked it.

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