How to influence sales results depending on the tasks of the client

Case author: Olga Gluzkaya – contextual advertising department specialist at the agency

Goal: influence shopping campaign impressions with negative keywords. 

Branded shopping campaign

Task: Maximum coverage for branded queries in trade results.


  1. We launch a regular shopping campaign for a product category, or all products in the feed.
  2. We add broadly matched negative keywords that are not related to the search for the client’s brand.
  3. We analyze and clean search queries, at first as often as possible (every day).


With a sufficient budget and rates, the maximum coverage of branded traffic, without being scattered on general requests and competitors’ requests.

Competitor shopping campaign

Task: Show up in sales results for competitors’ queries.


  1. We add information about competitors to one of the feed attributes that Google is likely to use to select a product that is relevant to the user’s query (name, description, and others).

There are 2 solutions:

  • Ask the client to add the name and models of competitors similar in price segment and functions to the feed.
  • With the help of conversion rules in MC.

  1. We create a shopping campaign, add all branded and broad/informational keywords to negative keywords.
  2. We analyze and clean search queries, at first as often as possible (every day).


Depending on the budget / bids, we get the required number of impressions at the request of competitors in the trade issue.

Conclusions and recommendations:

  1. Branded Shopping campaigns can be launched from the beginning of a new account just like a branded search campaign. It will also allow you to get statistics for smart shopping campaigns faster.
  2. This type of campaign is suitable for product brands and monobrand online stores.
  3. Competitor shopping campaigns allow you to increase reach and attract users who are not familiar with the client’s brand.
  4. Using this principle, you can launch a campaign for general queries.

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