Adindex Helped Website Selling Metalworking Equipment Make the Top-2


Online shop selling metalworking equipment
Help one of the website's pages (Metalworking Bench Lathes) make the Top-5
We increased the website’s audience by 70,98%, helped the website make the Top-2 and the Top-10 of search results; increased the website’s search traffic by 38,39%; increased the search traffic on the promoted page by 81,89%.

About the Business is an exclusive Ukrainian representative of German equipment OPTIMUM. The company offers turning lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, band mills, and rigging.

The Problem

A client that turned to us wanted to promote one of the website’s pages in the search results and help it make Google’s Top-5. When we started working on the project, we faced the following challenges:

  • Our client works in a quite narrow niche;
  • Our client’s budget for this project is very limited.

The Solution

We decided to use SEO tools for promotion. We used both the website’s main page and the main landing page for active promotion.

Any optimization should start from the analysis of the data that already exists. We conducted a detailed analysis of the website’s condition to perform a proper evaluation. These are the internal parameters we paid attention to:

  • loading speed;
  • content duplicates;
  • metadata duplicates;
  • content’s uniqueness.

These are the external parameters:

  • website’s traffic volume (monthly statistics in a year);
  • selection and evaluation of the competitors;
  • domain age;
  • number of backlinks.

After conducting a detailed analysis, we developed a promotional strategy to improve the website’s position in search results.

What Did We Do

  1. We discovered an outdated user manual for one of the lathes on the website’s main page. We decided to update it, make it useful and interesting to the users.
  2. We increased the internal reference weight for the page we promoted. This was implemented by adding a link to that page into the website’s footer.

An increase in internal reference weight allows a page to compete with other websites on similar topics. This means that search engines show pages with a bigger internal reference weight on top of search results, even when it’s the only thing that differs that page from its competitors.

Here’s what we did during the first month of promotion:

  1. Created Terms of Reference for the website’s internal optimization.
  2. Created Terms of Reference for writing external articles.
  3. Published articles on niche-related resources.
  4. Increased the purchased volumes of the backlinks:
  • 16 temporary backlinks;
  • 4 permanent backlinks.

Due to the budget limitations, we decided to use temporary links for promotion at the first stage of the project. This allowed us:

  1. To quickly improve the website’s position in search results.
  2. To evaluate the organic traffic growth due to the improved ranking.
  3. To understand if we need to purchase permanent backlinks.

Temporary backlinks allowed us to improve the website’s rankings quickly and at a minimal cost. We planned to replace them with permanent ones in the future.

This is how temporary backlinks differ from permanent ones:

  • temporary backlinks are purchased at special websites and paid monthly. One also has to track their availability on these websites periodically;

  • permanent backlinks are placed on suitable resources, and their price is ten times higher than the price of temporary ones. However, you don’t have to track them and pay for them monthly. You pay for them once and then use them all the time

The client used our Terms of Reference for the website’s internal optimization to eliminate existing problems. Then we moved on to the next stage of the process.

We manually selected resources that were relevant to the website’s niche and products, created a semantic core, and wrote Terms of Reference for a copywriter, who used it to write articles with permanent backlinks.

During the second month of promotion, we used the same tools we did in the first month. We also published an SEO article on an external resource and increased an overall quantity of backlinks, purchasing 4 everlasting and 11 temporary ones.

The Result

Jumping ahead, we want to notice that even though our promotional work ended in September, organic traffic volume on the promoted page continued to grow.


After two months of promotion, we got the following results:

  • The client’s website made the Top-2 and Top-10 of search results;
  • The website’s search traffic grew by 38,39%;
  • The search traffic on promoted page increased by 81,89%, while general site attendance grew 12 times;
  • The website’s audience increased by 70,98%.
Overall site attendance dynamics.

The most important thing is that our promotion of specific pages affected an overall growth of site attendance. The average duration of a page view session reached 2,34 minutes.