Anniversary of collaboration with Rough Guides and Insight Guides


In July, we celebrate three years of collaboration with a client – Rough Guides and Insight Guides in the direction of SEO. We are glad to our cooperation and want to share with you a few facts about the client’s business, as well as key events that have occurred over these three years:

  • Rough Guides and Insight Guides are the world’s leading travel brands, world-famous for their travel guides that have been producing since 1970.
  • On average, about 1,000,000 users visit websites per month (during the tourist season, before covid-19).
  • The head office located in London. Also, teams from Switzerland, Poland, and Ukraine are involved.

Rough Guides & Insight Guides team in London


  • Since 2017, the business launched a project of individual travels – a local travel expert plans a tour based on personal preferences and wishes of the client. It was during this period that we began cooperation.
  • We provide tasks in 4 areas: technical optimization, content strategy, Link Building, and analytics.
  • Over three years, four promotion strategies were developed (every year we update the strategy based on the results), and 36 reports submitted to the client (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual).
  • We issued 17 different TOR for project optimization. In general, the implementation of technical website optimization took 1,5 years, in several stages.
  • At the end of 2019, we decided to create new sites in order to make them more modern, user-friendly, and to expand the project’s capabilities in accordance with business tasks. Accordingly, from this period, all our efforts are aimed at creating new functional sites.

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