How Aggregators Helped To Double The Sales Of A Flooring Online Shop


Our client
An innovative online shop that offers flooring, doors, and supporting services.
Our task
To double the sales using aggregators and to preserve the ROI
The result
Using promotional tools on aggregators correctly, we managed to increase sales by 5-10% of the total in 2019.

The Problem

The shop used aggregators for over a year, yet the results still weren’t effective enough. Both the prices and the assortment of our client’s online shop were competitive; however, it still took last positions in the search results by all categories and all products.

What Has Been Done
  1. We analyzed the competitors.
  2. We filled in the information about online shop and offline delivery points on an aggregator website.
  3. We used the ‘Betting system’ tool for promotion.
  4. We calculated optimal bets for every product, depending on their prices.
  5. We created automatized price lists to post them on aggregators with current promo offers.
  6. Daily administration enabled us to maintain stable placement of the products on platforms.

The Result

As a result, the client’s online shop takes first places in the search results for various products and categories.


The company’s profile contains relevant information.

2_nSrW1JA.original.jpgShop’s profile

The company’s page displays relevant promo offers.

555_nFqDZYV.original.jpgPromo offers

We maintain stable placement of the products on platforms.

01bd59b734.original.jpgProduct categories

And here are some more results.

The chart below shows that in 2018, the aggregators helped our client to increase sales by 4% of the total. In 2019, these numbers grew up to 5-10%.

Screenshot_1.pngThe Income

Most companies work with aggregators in the following way: they unload the feed, place bets for different categories, and forget about it. This approach generated those exact 4% of the sales. However, we did more: we optimized the company’s profile, the images, placed bets for products instead of categories, and got amazing results in the end.

The Conclusion

It’s not enough to merely place information on third-party sites to generate sales. You also need to learn how to use the promotion tools on these sites correctly. Here are some tips that are important to remember.

  1. Try to provide as much information about a company as you can, and work with the reviews.
  2. Generate prices in accordance with products’ marginality, not only in accordance with categories.
  3. Monitor the competition level and adjust the strategies quickly.
  4. Try to place information on niche aggregators: they might generate you more sales and traffic that well-known and multi-category ones.

These simple actions could help you significantly boost sales from aggregators and increase your channel’s ROI.