How do creatives affect money? What is more important in advertising campaigns: budget size or creative quality? And how to evaluate the result if creativity is an art?


Case author: Ilya Korzhikov, leading SMM specialist.

Case author: Ilya Korzhikov, SMM strategist

ADINDEX is sharing three fresh B2B mini-cases from its advertising campaigns with Sostav. We think they will give the business an understanding of how creative content can be used to improve results and increase sales in the company.

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Case 1. Increasing CTR up to 81%, reducing the cost per click by 33%, reducing the cost of the result by 25.8% using high-quality creative in advertising campaigns

A task. To attract subscribers of the B2B audience to the special project -Construction Academy for Professionals

Client. Manufacturer of dry building mixtures and materials.

Background. For one of our clients, as part of the promotion strategy, we arrange a monthly promotional activity – a competition for recruiting a B2B audience to Telegram and Viber Baumit Pro Academy channels.

Difficulties. This company is an international brand; a large team is working on its promotion. Therefore, before launching advertising campaigns, all creatives are always coordinated with the company’s internal marketing department. And they must also comply with the rules of the brand book (it describes the regulations for using corporate colors, logo, fonts, and so on).

The banner developed according to the client’s technical assignment brought the following result:

  • Subscriber cost was high.
  • The number of clicks and click-through rate (CTR) is low.

We offered the client our version of the banner (we did this because we wanted not just to do the job but to improve the client’s result);

Banner that brought results

Banner that brought results

  • Beautiful, animated banner in the style of online stores of household appliances;
  • Announces a news feed; does not call for specific action.
  • Designed for Gen Z, young audiences;
  • Performs a solely branded function;

Banner that brought results

Banner that brought results

  • Animated banner designed for target audiences – builders, headmen;
  • There is a clear call to action and a description for which audience the news feed is for;
  • Specific CTAs (call to action) are animated on the banner and give an idea of what the user should do next.
  • The short format of the video banner allowed getting more views of the content and reducing the price per display at the auction.

Result in numbers/ad campaigns:

Replacing the old banner with a new one brought the following result:

  • Received 25% more subscribers without increasing the budget.
  • With the help of all advertising activities, we attracted 1100+ target subscribers in the B2B segment in two weeks.

Case 2. Increasing CTR by 37%, reducing the cost of impressions by 10% and reducing the cost of a click by 37% by improving content in the niche development

A task. Increase in the number of engaged users and ER (engagement rate) on Facebook page and Instagram.

Client. ABV Estate (investment management company, management, and development of real estate assets).

Background. The client approached us to improve the quality and quantity of leads, as well as increase recognition after rebranding in the local market (Ukraine, Dnipro);

Important details. At the beginning of the cooperation, the client provided us with a brand book with examples of identity, which we later successfully used in banners and the design of publications. When we studied this brand book, we saw that examples of publications in it (dark and ascetic, not informative enough) most likely will not give the desired effect that we wanted to get from SMM promotion.

After the first launches of advertising campaigns, it turned out that the effectiveness of banners made according to the example from the brand book (in the photo below) significantly differs from the acceptable (ER from 1.5%) indicators of engagement and click-through rate (CTR).

An example of content created in strict accordance with the corporate brand book

An example of content created in strict accordance with the corporate brand book

To increase productivity, we:

  • We offered the client to develop a new version of the design of publications and advertising banners, adhering to the principles of the brand book and identity.
  • We created several Instagram grid options to choose from;
  • We re-launched the agreed design option in the promo.

That is how the new design of an Instagram account looks like:

A new example of Instagram account design (banners for publications)

Example of creatives for lead-generating campaigns

After updating the banners, we got the following results:

On the Instagram page:

  • We received 520 likes (3 times more than in the previous month).
  • Content saves are 4.5 times higher than in the previous month.

On the Facebook page:

  • We received 340 reactions (82% more than in the previous month).
  • 28 shares (68% more than in the previous month);

Result in numbers/ad campaigns:

  • Cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) of advertising decreased by 10%.
  • Cost per ad click (CPC) decreased by 37%.
  • CTR increased by 37%.

Replacing the banner saved the client about 20% of the advertising budget.

Case 3. Reducing the price of a lead in a B2B niche from $1.45 to $0.67 per lead

Task. To attract a B2B audience to the site, get contacts of interior designers, owners of furniture salons, architects for wholesales.

Client. ARHOME (online store, retail, chain of European decor stores).

Background. The client approached us to get more retail and wholesale sales through the SMM channel.

We have developed a strategy for attracting retail customers through conversion advertising campaigns, as well as a plan for attracting B2B orders to further sell with the help of an account manager;

Here’s what happened with B2B applications.

During the first week of launching lead-generating advertising campaigns, we received five targeted applications for two audiences (business owners/architects, designers), as evidenced by the feedback from the account manager:

RC Lead Generation, when the user leaves his contact information in exchange for a product catalog for the owner of a furniture showroom/interior designer/architect with special conditions.

It’s about creativity. We conducted weekly analytics of advertising campaigns (at that time, there were two ad groups, which shown in the screenshot above) and decided to improve as much as possible the creative for the designers-architects audience

In the second week of advertising campaigns, we launched a modified creative.

In just two weeks of advertising campaigns, we received more than 44 targeted applications for two audiences (business owners/architects, designers), as reported by the company’s account manager.

The latest creative targeting an audience of designers and architects with similar targeting settings brought in more than 15 leads for $0.67, which is 56.77% less than the average cost of a project lead of $1.55.

How creatives (content) differ

First static banners

First static banners

  • Beautiful static banner.
  • It shows the main USP and a call to action.
  • After the call to action, there is audience segmentation (who is this proposal for).
  • It demonstrates several products from the client’s product range.

Revised animated banner

Revised animated banner

  • An animated banner designed to broadcast a broad product line;
  • There is a clear call to action and a description for whom the proposal is in the center of the frame and in large print.
  • The short video format allowed getting more content viewing percentages and to show more product items at the same price as on a static banner. More positions – the higher the probability of getting into the target audience and receiving an application.

Correctly calculated video length affects the depth (duration) of video viewing and not the number of views. The number is growing due to the increase in the percentage of immersion in the video, and the creative becomes cheaper in the display, which makes it possible to get more views without increasing the budget.

What do all three cases have in common?

We created this case to show what constitutes the success of an advertising campaign in any business channel:

  1. Correct strategy and setup of advertising campaigns by competent specialists
  2. High-quality, elaborate and format-optimized content (in our case, for SMM)
  3. The right marketing budget

In 2021, you need to invest in quality creative content.

The price of reach/conversion/application/sale in your advertising campaigns directly depends on the quality of the content (banners and videos).

Budget x Content = Result

Quality content multiplies the effectiveness of communication with each reached user.

Poor content causes a negative impact on the target audience, drains the budget, and makes advertising campaigns ineffective.


Content is always about money.

Of course, the quality of content is difficult to assess without tests. It is sometimes easier for a business to spend more money on reach and an additional stage in the funnel. But this is a wrong and ineffective approach.

We created this case in order to motivate the business and, using the example of ADINDEX clients, show that by investing resources in high-quality advertising materials, you can get a much higher result with a lower marketing budget for advertising campaigns.

It’s simple: create strong creatives, and the marketing budget will work much more efficiently.

Discuss with us your project (of any scale and complexity) if you want to get stable, high-quality growth of results and competent management of your marketing budget.

ADINDEX – glad to be of service to your business.

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