How the launch of shopping campaigns increased the number of transactions by 6 times, and ROAS – from 927% to 1210%


Client:, professional kitchen equipment store.
Growth of transactions and income while reducing the cost of the transaction.
Transition of the old site to the new platform and the launch of Google Shopping campaigns
Growth of transactions by 6 times ↑, income growth by 46 times ↑, reduction in transaction costs at 18 ↓.

Case author: Natalya Shcherbina – contextual advertising department specialist at the agency


  • It was technically impossible to implement all the requirements of the Google Merchant Center on the site. 
  • Contextual advertising was presented only by search campaigns.
  • Within the framework of the obtained results, it was inappropriate to scale.


  • Recommend to the client what adjustments should be made to the site for the successful launch of shopping campaigns.
  • Launched and scaled shopping campaigns.


Already a month after the launch, we received the first tangible results:

  • The budget grew by 51%.
  • Transactions increased by 4.5 times.
  • The company’s income grew 3.7 times.
  • The cost of the transaction decreased by 3 times.
  • The ratio of income to costs (ROAS) increased from 200% to 480%.

Five months after the launch of Google Shopping, we got the following results:

  • The budget has grown 3.7 times.
  • Transactions grew 6 times.
  • The company’s income grew 4.6 times.
  • The cost of the transaction decreased by 18 times.
  • The ratio of income to expenses (ROAS) increased from 927% to 1210%.

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