How to achieve a 157% traffic growth and increase website proceeds 3 times by improving its usability

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The case author: Evgen Gnedash, Leading SEO Specialist at ADINDEX

Service: Comprehensive SEO promotion

Client: Tennisgo, online store of tennis goods

Task: Traffic and sales growth

Region: Ukraine

Period: 2018–2022

About the project is a store specializing in sales of goods for tennis, squash, and badminton. It has one offline store in Kyiv and offers orders delivery by courier company all over Ukraine. 

The website is already working and is elaborated quite well from the technical point of view. A comprehensive range of tasks on basic technical optimization has been completed. Search engines perfectly scan and index the website pages.


The niche of tennis goods and equipment is quite competitive. There are a lot of large profile players in the market, not to mention a number of marketplaces. 

Though there were no technical issues, and the website was shown in the TOP 5-10 of search results by many high-priority categories, the sales growth nevertheless was slow, and we set the task to increase online proceeds. 

Despite a fairly high level of basic SEO optimization, we identified the following potential growth points during the audit of user experience:

  • Complicated sign-up process:
  • Incorrect layout of buttons in the shopping cart:
  • After adding a product to the cart, a modal pop-up window appeared, and the user could not interact with the page until the pop-up window is closed.

The purchase took too much time and the interface was not user-friendly. As a result, many customers left the cart abandoned.

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In order to increase sales, we offered to improve the website usability in addition to the basic SEO promotion efforts. Particularly, we offered to make the website as convenient and friendly as possible for the user, to simplify the path from the selection to purchase of goods, and to increase the user’s trust in the brand, goods and company. 

What was done:

  1. Website structure was optimized. We made it more logical and friendly for the user. 
  2. We also changed the menu to make it more convenient and implemented one-click access to all subcategories of products. A drop-down panel with subcategories was added.

  3. Product listing and product pages were improved by adding descriptions and specifications.
  4. The registration form was simplified:

  5. We replaced the pop-up window and reduced its size: while the overlay remains visible, users can continue to interact with the page (for example, click on links or buttons, return to the catalog).

  6. The order form was simplified:

  7. We updated the details on the “Contact Us” page. A map with addresses, working hours, and bank details was added.

    The “Contact Us” page was created on July 19.
  8. We optimized the existing content on the website and ensured that it is filled with correct and relevant content on an ongoing basis.
  9. We also launched a blog to attract additional traffic to the website.


The main constraint we encountered was limited development resources. The client could not allocate a large budget for this project. The price list reflected very little time for work on the website. For this reason, the performance of tasks was quite prolonged. For our part, we strived to optimize all processes as much as possible so that communication with us does not take a lot of time for developers.

The most difficult thing was to build a systematic approach to the work and arrange all the processes efficiently, since there were 3 parties involved in the work: the ADINDEX team, developers, and the client’s team (a copywriter and a website administrator). Trilateral calls were arranged when necessary. Sometimes we needed to go deeper and spend more time on clarifying specific aspects.

For prompt tracking the ToR progress, we decided to use a usual Google table with shared access.


We compared 2019 to 2018 results and found out the following achievements:

  • Traffic increase by 156.74 %;
  • Transactions increase by 133.90 %;
  • Proceeds increase by 151.41 %.

The basis we laid plus the subsequent work on the website ensured the further project growth so far. 

The final traffic growth after the completion of our work reached about 500 % (June 2022 vs. January 2020).


To sum up, we would like to emphasize once again that website usability is no less important than its technical perfection and convenience for search engines. Moreover, the website usability not only ensures the conversion of traffic to transaction, but also makes a direct effect on the traffic growth alongside with the standard SEO optimization and promotion activities.

If the website has an inconvenient menu, the purchase process is complicated, and the website takes long to load, then the result of SEO optimization will be less successful. But we can get a much greater result if we make the website user-friendly and continuously optimize it for search engines. While the website purpose is to serve customers simply and quickly, the SEO purpose is to attract as many customers as possible, and if both purposes are achieved, we get the best result.

SEO and usability should not only be “friends”, but also help each other 🙂

Points worth special attention:

1. The website should have a good visuality without being graphically overloaded with items that could distract the user from the main thing – your product.

  1. Easy product search. The user should be able to quickly find the product needed.
  2. Clear ordering procedure.

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Project Manager’s comment

We have been working on the Tennisgo project for 4 years.
We started our cooperation with creating the website for this project, then we launched promotion. 5 specialists were engaged in the work on the project. Our work was affected by the lockdown, which became one of the challenges that we have successfully overcome together with Tennisgo team.
We have only positive impressions of our cooperation and wish the project further development despite the difficult situation in our country. 

The SEO team that worked on the project