How We Drove 2,790 Subscribers To Client’s Social Media From Scratch With The Help Of Useful And Engaging Content


The client
A store that sells doors and flooring
The task
To fill the client’s account with useful and interesting content and build the base of active subscribers
The result
We booster the number of account’s subscribers to 2,970 from scratch without using paid tools.

The author of the case study: Iryna Mazur, Head of SMM department at the ADINDEX agency

We used promotional, entertaining, expert, and many other types of content to fill and promote the business’s social media

The Task

To fill the HOLZ Instagram account with useful and interesting content; to build the subscribers base from scratch.

The Solution

Step 1. Creating content for the company’s Facebook page. At the beginning of our cooperation with the client, we created a social media content strategy, led by expert content.

We decided to pick Facebook for the company’s introduction and content placing. We also used other types of content besides expert one:

  • Promotional;
  • Niche-related;
  • Branded/reputational.

We stuck to these categories during our cooperation and integrated new types of posts from time to time to diverse the content on a page.

Дизайн без названия (2).png
Image 1. Reputational content, implementation of the interior design that includes HOLZ flooring and doors
Image 2. Reputational content, a compilation of photos with managers attending HOLZ manufacturing factory

At first, we added static banners and images to our posts. However, eventually, we started integrating more dynamics and video content into our content strategy to grow the engagement rate. We used the following types of content:

  • slideshows/GIFs with different products or one product in different interiors;
  • video reviews of doors and flooring that included the consultants’ comments;
  • videos containing expert tips on doors and flooring installment and repair;
  • after our client opened an offline store in Dnipro city, we started airing live broadcasts from a store that included the managers’ consultations. We did this to expand our channels of content’s interaction with the audience.
Image 3. Niche-related content, ‘Parquet tinting’ GIF
Image 4. Expert content, ‘How to remove a scratch’ GIF
Image 5. Engaging content with a funny video regarding ‘Calling the gauger’ service

Step 2. Promoting the posts. As the client’s page didn’t have any subscribers at the beginning of our cooperation, and we invested a lot of effort into content creation, we had to make sure that target Facebook users, potential clients will see the posts. Therefore, we used paid promotion for the most effective posts that generated the biggest number of organic interactions and coverage.

This helped us achieve several goals simultaneously:

  1. Increase the coverage and spread knowledge about the brand.
  2. Ensure the engagement growth on a page.
  3. Invite people who liked the posts to subscribe (we used Like2fun tool for that) and, as a result, increased the number of subscribers to 2,970 users from scratch without using paid tools.

The second part of our SMM-strategy was targeted advertising, which included using the following tools:

  1. Advertising campaigns for posts promotion that we mentioned above.
  2. Advertising campaigns that drove traffic to the website, to pages with product compilations, individual products, promo offers focused on a broad audience of potential clients selected with the help of detailed targeting and on remarketing of website’s visitors.
  3. Advertising campaigns for designers with special conditions and redirects to a custom landing page.

Also, we made several small strategic decisions during the work process:

  1. We emphasized the importance of service quality in our posts: HOLZ doesn’t merely sell doors and flooring but also provides professional service.
  2. We published the posts with free consultation offers and redirects to Facebook Messenger to prove the company’s expert level.
  3. As HOLZ is a Ukrainian company, we, together with our client, decide to translate the communication (content) to Ukrainian.
  4. We increased the quantity of entertaining content during festive and pre-festive months.

Step 3. Creating the company’s Instagram page. In the second half of 2019, we decided to expand and to create an Instagram page. We expected that we’d be able to use this social media to communicate with the interior designers more, as the designers are usually the most active on Instagram.

Image 6. Instagram profile design

The Result

We drove 2,790 new subscribers that are engaged and active.

We arranged a regular posting of useful and interesting information on HOLZ social media (Facebook and Instagram).

The Conclusion

Summing it up, we can say that the roles of SMM channel for business are the following:

  1. To help increase the knowledge about a brand.
  2. To interact with potential clients with the help of different types of content.
  3. To serve as an auxiliary channel in the purchase decision-making chain.
  4. To work as the most suitable tool for interaction with designers, who, in our case, serve as mediators between a client and a store.