Increasing the income by 57% via the complex use of the marketing tools


Household goods online store.
Sales growth and attracting the new audience.
The percentage of the new visits grew from 65,8% to 73,94%.

Current marketing situation. Google AdWords and Yandex Direct search campaigns are set and operating as a part of an organic traffic increasing campaign. Ad campaigns are segmented by marketplaces, themes and interests in Display Network and Yandex Direct advertising network

Remarketing campaigns in Display Network and Yandex Direct search fields are segmented by the visit date and the conversion factor.

The Problem

The ads position are high and campaigns are processing the wide field of search terms of high, average and low frequencies. Growth backups via increasing the search traffic are minimal. Campaigns are combined by few parameters: interests, marketplaces and keywords. These campaigns provide the acceptable level of the conversion price, but scaling the campaigns within this price level isn’t successful.

The solution

Attract the new audience from new marketplaces and initiate sales via remarketing.

At first, we selected the marketplaces for placement.

  • The audience should correspond with the chosen region: Ukraine
  • Income level: above average
  • Age: 25-45.


  • Placing the teaser block on the main page of the major news resource.
  • Facebook ads, targeted on the audience interests according to the income level, region, age and client’s business: interior design, parks and recreations, financial market, finances, luxury real estate, financial services, cigars and landscape design.
  • Increasing the values in the Google Display Network within the common audience with real shoppers from previous periods (according to Google Analytics data).
Использование инструментов маркетинга график новые сеансы и доход за 2015

The result

  1. Income increased by 57%
  2. New visitors percentage increased from 65,8% to 73,94%.
  3. Paid sources traffic growth from 14391 to 17902 visits.

The conversion rate from the new sources was very low: no sales from the news resource and 1 sale from the Facebook ads.

Where did the growth come from?

See the screenshot of the remarketing campaigns in Google AdWords, Yandex.Direct and Facebook below.

The essential traffic and income value growth is obvious.

  • The traffic value from the remarketing campaigns: +15%

The traffic value from the remarketing campaigns

  • The income from remarketing campaigns: +515%

We started attracting new visitors in the middle of an April, and remarketing sales stated in the first days of May.

The general ad campaigns results:

  • Paid traffic sources budget: +19%
  • Paid sources traffic value: +24%
  • Paid traffic sources transactions value: +21%
  • Paid traffic sources transactions income: +57%
  • New visits: +39%

The conclusion

Attracting the potential audience for the website is effective if tied to the remarketing campaigns.

New traffic sources attract the new audience, that is not really motivated for the purchase, but who can potentially buy something because of the audience characteristics.

Depending on the purchase decision-making cycle, this kind of audience converts into clients with time via remarketing campaigns.

The key is to understand who is your potential audience and target the ads on it, and also to understand a purchase cycle.