Marketing Reports Automation


The issue

The client spent 3+ hours on processing Google Adwords campaigns data into Google Analytics data. It’s essential for client to see the costs and major KPI’s in another structure.

We had to shorten the report creating time and free some time for client’s marketing specialist for solving more important tasks.

The solution

  1. We linked AdWords and Google Analytics.
  2. We loaded the necessary parameters and scores into Google Sheets via Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-on
  3. We transferred uploaded data into the correct format via Google App Script and some formulas.
  4. We transferred the result into the client’s Google Sheets via Google App Script
  5. We set up automatic data upload and transferring for a weekly interval.
Автоматизация отчётов по рекламным кампаниям Google AdWords

The result

  1. The report is forming every Monday without any interaction.
  2. The client saves up to 9-12 working hours per month.
  3. No human factor interaction
  4. The client can get a report fast for any time period