Six months of 2020. First results in #ADINDEX


A turbulent six months. But the main thing is that we did not cut either salaries or employees. We even added two employees to the team in March 🙂 Hi, Arthur and Olya!))

The only thing we had to say goodbye to was one of our two offices. But now we are all on the same floor together. 🙂  We have enough space because it used to be a conference room, and now it is an office.

Before a conference room - after an officeBefore a conference room – after an office

In short, we held out and helped our clients to do the same. Together.

But still, despite the turbulence, we had many cool events, achievements, decisions made, and victories. We will talk about this in this article.

Let’s start with the cats. 🙂

Well, first, we saw each other’s pets, and it was incredible. The level of cuteness in the chats was off the charts.

What’s funny is that almost all of the workers have cats except for a couple of dogs, a ferret, and a rat.

Cats. Dog. Rat.

First-person narratives

We asked several employees what they remember about these six months, and this is what they said.

Elena Berezovskaya

Ex Head of Analytics Department

Elena Berezovskaya

  • We dived deeply into the analytics of mobile applications. In particular, we learned how to work with Firebase.
  • We have developed a new product – CRM System Implementation.
  • Increased the number of English language groups. Now 90% of employees study in English groups.
  • We became more friendly and started to appreciate communication with each other more.
  • One of the analysts became a licensed specialist.
  • In June there was a mini Team building! 🙂  Of course, everything is according to the rules of quarantine – just a few people, distance and all this in the fresh air, where there were even those who always work remotely.

Olga Redka

Head of PPC department

Olga Redka

  • More work. Despite the crisis, we have ten new clients. Current clients require more careful control for retention (comfort) during the quarantine period.
  • Our Masha Yarygina went on maternity leave, this is already the second child, who has appeared in the PPC department during the existence of ADINDEX.

And here is Masha.

Maria Yarygina

The leading specialist in PPC

Maria Yarygina

Childbirth. The result is the appearance of a child, leaving on maternity leave. I hope this will only make me better as a specialist and employee, as I will become more patient in teaching Juniors (the child will it bring up). And will quickly try to remember everything that I knew and learn new material which appeared in the PPC during the maternity leave, in the shortest possible time. 

Quarantine. The result – the world has upgraded online. This is a big benefit for the company. Hopefully, many clients have now felt that the quality of the site is essential, as well as the quality of advertising. Don’t skimp on programmers, designers, and advertising. This bypassed me, I didn’t participate already, but I think that in my department, it is not so scary now to look for employees online, train online, and work with them online. The girls probably upgraded in this matter, and this is also an extra skill for PPC specialists.

Irina Mazur

Ex Head of SMM department

Irina Mazur

In May, interesting projects came in, with new tools that we had not done before. Baumit is an academy for supervisors in Telegram, Viber channels, Mindvalley is a wide structure of advertising campaigns, analytics, and dynamic tags to organize data uploading to CRM.

  • We wrote eight articles for the ADINDEX blog in the second quarter.
  • Marina wrote her first case study.
  • Julia went to English courses.

Ilya got married 🙂

Ex Head of PM department

Lena Trofimenko

We learned to work more harmoniously and we improved our online communication skills.

The client has a new product – an application that we are working on to promote, and these are new horizons and new cases. We dived deep into it. It’s difficult for us, but interesting.

CFO Elena Obolonskaya

CFO Elena Obolonskaya

I will also add that we continued to “go” to the gym online and, more than ever, realise that we can count on each other. And we also realised that we are a sufficiently reliable company to worthily survive such a thing as two and a half months of quarantine.


In June, we made a new team photo session!

Yes, yes, the CFO skipped the photo session

Spoke at six conferences

We managed to speak at an omnichannel conference in Kharkiv and Marketing Talks in Dnipro. Offline.

And then only harsh online. Lena (Head of Analytics) and Ilya (Senior SMM) spoke at TseHub. Ira (Head of Account Management) at DZEN.HUB, and Vadim (founder) at eSputnik. 


  • Record of Ilya’s seminar here.
  • Record of Lena’s webinar here.
  • Record of Vadim’s speech here.

Unfortunately, there are no other records, but if you want to receive presentations from speeches, write to us at

March 8

International Women’s Day was celebrated with delicious and fun!

Awards and ratings

During these six months, we have received several joyful awards.

🏆 Top Digital Marketing & SEO Companies —

🏆 Best #SEO Companies & Services —

🏆 Best SEO Agencies in Ukraine —

🏆 Best Social Media Agencies in Ukraine —

🏆 The second place in the rating of the best SMM agencies in Ukraine, according to – (for 18.03.2020).

Cool advertisement in quarantine

Found a cool quarantine ad and collected it all into one article on

Read the article.


We have published a wonderful, kind, and soul-warming interview with Senior PPC specialist – Natasha.

#ADINDEX is a reliable partner

We understood with your help what kind of character we are.

#ADINDEX is a calm, strong, and knowledgeable guy who, in a world of chaos (and the world is just like that), knows exactly what to do and makes sure that everything is clear and cool.

In a world of chaos and instability, #ADINDEX is a strong partner who can lead forward and be a major partner. Powerful and reliable.

Sharing knowledge

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Thanks for reading to the end. In January, we will talk about the second half of 2020.