The Effective Set Up Of Google My Business For Medium And Large Businesses


The clients
A store that sells doors and flooring and a telecommunication provider.
The service
Google My Business set up
The task
To raise the key performance indicators
The result
The number of transitions to a website increased by 61,92% for the store that sells doors and flooring and by 40% for the telecommunication provider. You can find more results in the rest of the case study.

The authors of the case study:


Okhai Polina, a specialist from the web analytics department at the ADINDEX agency.

We decided to combine two of the agency’s clients from different business niches in one case study to demonstrate how GMB could effectively help grow different businesses.



Vasylenko Vladyslav, a specialist in local promotion at the ADINDEX agency.

Google My Business is a so-called directory of organizations that passed Google verification. It helps:

  • To display an organization’s card on the right of search results as a result of the organic search.

  • To add a company to Google Maps.

  • To promote a website in search results.

  • To collect feedback from clients.

  • To post events to attract the clients’ attention

The Problem

Our client’s company didn’t have enough professionals to work with Google My Business (GMB). In particular, they didn’t have specialists for competent GMB account management that includes:

  • Filling in business profiles with detailed and relevant information.
  • Publishing the content in the ‘Posts’ section: describing events, promo campaigns, news, etc.
  • Accurate business categorization: it helps Google understand to which search queries it should attach your GMB profile.

The Task

To raise the key performance indicators.

The Solution

For the HOLZ store that sells doors and flooring, we did the following.

STEP 1. We created and correctly set up Google My Business account while keeping all the nuances and features of our client’s business in mind. One of these features HOLZ has is a large number of products and promo campaigns that we update every month.


STEP 2. We worked with negative reviews.


For the Volia telecommunication provider, we did the following.

STEP 1. Just like with HOLZ, we created and correctly set up Google My Business account while keeping all the nuances and features of Volia company in mind. Volia has several distinct features: it provides a large number of services and works with the clients from all over the country, which could result in possible glitches in the ‘Service Area’ (this is the parameter you can specify in GMB service if your company works with clients on a particular territory).

STEP 2. We set up the service area.

STEP 3. We combined all the departments into one account.

What Has Been Done (For Both Clients)

We monitored the source statistics.

We conducted Google My Business account administration.

We updated the information about departments.

We worked to raise the number of department cards’ views by updating the content on a website.

We added additional information to new sections of GMB service to increase the relevance of data in Google My Business department cards.

The Results For Doors And Flooring Store

  • The total amount of search queries increased by 60,2% in three months.
  • The indicators for direct and category search queries also grew: by 68,1% for direct queries and by 48,6% for category ones.
  • If we compare indicators for the year, we’ll see that the number of search queries increased by 173,91%: direct queries grew by 143,81%, category queries grew by 223,57%.
  • The total amount of views increased by 180,06%. The views in search results increased by 22,64%; the views in maps increased by 212,49%.
  • The number of targeted actions increased by 56,48%, the transactions to the website increased by 61,92, the number of paved routes grew by 57,49%, and the number of phone calls grew by 27,06%.

The Results For Telecommunication Provider

  • During the first month of GMB integration, the search by category indicator grew by 17%, and the views on Maps increased by 21%.
  • The company received up to 40% more transactions to the website.
  • The company’s page started appearing in category search results more than 90% often.
  • In a year, search results by category and views on Maps reached 41% and 150%, respectively.
  • The transactions on the website increased by 39%.
  • The views as a result of the search increased by 13%.

The Conclusion

In this case study, we described how setting up Google My Business account could affect different businesses. We worked with a telecommunication provider and with doors and flooring store. Our first client is a prominent company in their niche; the second one is a highly specialized store with a smaller audience. However, as you can see from the results, both companies benefited from setting up GMB accounts. Judging from that, we can conclude that Google My Business works well both for smaller businesses and for large ones.