We increased organic traffic by +1,503% sessions per month through content marketing. Lasunka case study

We increased organic traffic by +1,503% sessions per month through content marketing

ADINDEX, an omnichannel marketing agency, shares with Sostav.ua a case study on promoting the largest ice cream manufacturer in Ukraine, Lasunka, to the top of organic search.

Business: Leading ice cream manufacturer in Ukraine.

Period: September 2019 – September 2020.

The goals that the ADINDEX team faced were: to get the TOP positions for requests in the ice cream niche; to get ahead of the brand’s main competitor.

Directions: SEO, content marketing (blog + external PR), promotion in social networks.


  • Lasunka’s website is in the TOP position for the main target queries.
  • Growth in organic traffic by 1,503%.

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The team that worked on the project:

  • Elena Lebed, PM.
  • Ekaterina Kiyasova, Senior SEO Specialist.
  • Evgeniy Gnedash, Middle SEO Specialist.
  • Irina Mazur, SMM specialist.
  • Nadezhda Antipova, SEO editor.


Initially, the website of the ice cream manufacturer Lasunka held low positions in the search results. Landing pages for commercial queries were outside the TOP 10.

Search results for non-commercial keywords like ice cream, plombières ice cream, and so on presented only recipes, news, and informational articles:

Ice cream recipes were on the website’s blog, but due to insufficient optimization – they ranked poorly and were inferior to competitors in the subject matter.

The blog was not filled with content systematically, and the articles practically did not generate traffic.

Comparison of the dynamics of search traffic to the site and blog for January 2019 - September 2019

Comparison of the dynamics of search traffic to the site and blog for January 2019 – September 2019

The site was at a pretty good level in terms of technical optimization. However, usability developed poorly:

  1. Internal linking between blog articles and products from the catalog is not configured.
  2. Users did not have the opportunity to rate the article, write a comment or share it on social networks.
  3. The semantic markup of articles has not been implemented.
  4. The articles did not have interactive elements that visually simplify the perception of information, did not indicate the cooking time nor calorie content, and some recipes did not even have pictures.


  1. To take TOP-3 positions for the commercial queries like buy ice cream or wholesale ice cream by creating appropriate landing pages, their optimization, and external promotion;
  2. To get TOP-3 for information queries like ice cream or plombières ice cream by launching and promoting the heading Ice cream recipes. To improve the quality of recipes that have already been published on the site and add new ones.
  3. To ensure the growth of search traffic to the blog of the Lasunka website by filling the blog with articles of various formats with broad coverage of the entire semantics of queries on the subject of ice cream and desserts.


To achieve the second and third goals, we engaged a content strategy. At the same time, we started improving the blog in terms of technical optimization and usability.

We have connected external promotion to increase traffic to the blog and increase brand awareness. We used the following methods:


  • Publication of posts with a link to recipes/blog articles on social networks.
  • Also, we connected paid channels (advertising on Facebook, Google Ads).

Content Marketing (Blog)

In July 2019, before the start of the main work on the content strategy, we prepared and handed over to the programmers the terms of reference (TOR) to improve the site from the technical side and usability.

In September 2019, we collected a semantic core (SC) of informational thematic queries, compiled a rubricator for the blog, and formed a content plan for articles based on the analysis of search results and competitor content.

We wrote and posted 73 three articles between September 2019 – September 2020. In total, they gave a traffic increase of 20 times.

That is the traffic dynamics for the year of work compared to the previous similar period. However, the articles did not start generating traffic immediately but gradually as the project increased trust.

Promotion in social networks

As part of the SEO promotion of the blog, we launched the promotion of articles on Facebook to increase audience engagement.

Facebook created ad campaigns with multiple ads, leading to a blog post. The ad briefly described the content of the article to interest the user and to make a call to action – to go to the blog and find out the details.

Examples of ads in a Facebook ad campaign:

We aimed ad impressions at the audience of subscribers of the Lasunka Facebook page, as during the testing stage, we found that this is the most interested and engaged audience.

We launched a promo for nine articles in just three months of work. The article related to the newsworthy event at that time – Easter, with the best recipes for Easter cakes, received the most clicks. We also received a large number of transitions to the site from a post about a selection of recipes for jelly cakes:

As a result, in three months, we received a total of 2026 clicks to blog articles from Facebook.

Posts that appeared on social networks of Lasunka during the period of the strategy developed by ADINDEX for the brand:

As an experiment, we also decided to connect Pinterest to attract additional traffic from organic SERP.

We created six themed boards, each containing five articles from the blog and five to ten themed Pins to promote articles on Pinterest.

To improve the overall result of the promotion, we grouped all the Pins that were not previously added to the boards in the account by subjects and added them to the new boards: Homemade Ice Cream, Dessert Recipes, Ice Cream Recipes, Desserts with Ice Cream.

As a result of activities on Pinterest in two months, we received 5560 impressions, but only 43 clicks to the site.

Analyzing the analytics data, we can say that the popularity of boards and pins depends not only on the design and content but also on the time that has passed since the publication. The longer the Pin is on the social network, the better it ranks and gains more results.

In general, we can assess promotion on Pinterest at the moment as a tool to increase reach and PR organically. As a tool for additional traffic to the site, in our case, the test period did not show a good result. Perhaps paid promotion would have given better results, but so far the tools of the advertising account are not available in our region.

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Commercial requests

To promote the site for commercial requests, we created a Distributors page optimized for the keyword – wholesale ice cream, and optimized the Products page for the query – buy ice cream. Improved linking to these pages – added internal links.

Distributors page:

Products page:

Technical optimization and improvement of the site as a whole

Together with the technical team of the project, we:

  • Fixed minor technical bugs on the site.
  • Optimized metadata.
  • Improved site loading speed on mobile and desktop devices;

But still, the main focus was on improving the blog and its usability:

1) We updated the listing with articles:



2) Added a mechanism for reposting in social networks:

3) We added a linking mechanism with articles:

4) We added the ability to leave comments on the article:

5) We added blocks with the content of the article, lists with the ingredients, information about the cooking time, and total calories of the dish.

6) We added a block with the ability to add the author of the article on the site.

7) An additional block with links to new articles from the blog has been added to the main page:

8) A mechanism has been implemented to attract the audience to business activities.

There’s a small pop-up window in the right corner of the site with the ability to go to the landing page. We announced promotions, events, new blog articles, and more in this window. This tool had a positive impact on landing page conversions:

An example of implementation of a pop-up window



We promoted commercial requests important for the client to the TOP: buy ice cream and wholesale ice cream:

For the query – wholesale ice cream, the Lasunka website took the first position in the TOP:

Ranked in the TOP-1 for the query – buy ice cream:

First position after Maps block

Organic traffic to the blog increased by +1,503% from low volumes to several hundred thousand sessions per year (September 2019-September 2020, spring-summer season) compared to the same period:

The overall growth of search traffic to the site during the promotion period amounted to +97.80%:


General dynamics of the search traffic for 2019 – 2020

We achieved better traffic growth during the season compared to the same period in 2019. Visitors consistently come to the site even when the season is over:



Content marketing is a long-term story. By creating strategic content today, you will ensure a constant flow of visitors to the site in the future.

Unfortunately, now Lasunka’s blog is not filled with content but, despite this, in the absence of investment in the blog, the previously added recipes continue to attract an audience, traffic to the site is growing:

If the agency continued to work on filling the blog, traffic could be increased by two to three times, and this would have an even better effect on the level of trust in the brand and, of course, on sales.

I want the same high results for my business.