Effective SEO in the Service Industry

There are no secret knowledge and magic tools in SEO promotion that will solve business needs once and for all. The main task of SEO is to improve the position of the site in search results and ensure traffic growth. To get ahead of competitors, you need to constantly improve the site, fill it with high-quality and relevant content, work on external promotion and increase the number of mentions on the Internet.

For different business areas, the strategy and selected tools may differ.

In this article, we will look at how specialists from the #ADINDEX agency solved the problems of clients from the service sector and what results were achieved.

Analysis and errors

Solving any SEO problem starts with market and competitor analysis. Both for those who launch a site from scratch, and for projects that already come with a ready-made site and content. Often, a deeper analysis of the site reveals unobvious technical flaws that affect the results. Consider the main problems we faced:

  • unsatisfactory technical characteristics: hosting, server, download speed;
  • CMS does not meet all SEO requirements;
  • poorly designed site architecture;
  • site structure generates duplicates;
  • incorrectly generated URLs;
  • there is no semantic markup;
  • there is no clustering of search queries;
  • there is no or insufficiently high-quality external promotion.

Using the cases of our clients as an example, we will show how these tasks were solved.

Case: brought to the TOP project in the field of education abroad

Client: The educational agency Karandash.ua is engaged in the selection of educational institutions and study programs abroad, helps with the organization of admission, as well as the preparation of documents.

Task: Increasing traffic from search engines.

Main problems: 

  • the structure of the site generates duplicates, which is why they compete in the issuance of each other;
  • URLs are formed incorrectly;
  • there is no semantic markup.

What was done: 

  1. We ensured the transfer of the site with the preservation of traffic. We moved the site to a better hosting, optimized the site and server settings.
  2. We made up the semantic core, coordinated the promotion priorities with the client.
  3. Provided internal SEO and technical optimization of the project:
  4. metadata, relinking, content rewriting, fixed most of the validation errors, optimized the snippet by introducing micro-markup and adding a user rating.
  5. External promotion of the project: article promotion of the main page of the site and the main categories with a gradual increase in high-quality link mass.


  • already in the second month after the implementation of the technical task, the site grew to 2.5 thousand clicks – 2.5 times;
  • traffic has grown more than 10 times over the year of promotion;
  • for 1.5 years of work on the project, we managed to bring the site to the TOP-1 for the main queries and to the TOP-3 for all high-frequency and mid-frequency queries.

More details about this case can be found in the article. As part of SEO, we continue to create additional landing pages to get traffic for those queries that are already in the TOP, we are constantly pulling up information queries and working on integrated marketing for the project.

Case: driving traffic to the site

Client: Newton show international scientific children’s weekend camps.

Task: Increasing traffic from search engines.

Main problems:

  • project for almost all the main target queries for the TOP-10-20 search results;
  • there is no clustering of search queries;
  • the presence of duplicate pages – as a result, they compete in the issuance with each other and reduce the effectiveness of actual pages in the search;
  • the link profile was inferior to competitors in terms of quality and quantity of referring domains.

What was done:

  1. Conducted technical optimization on the site – eliminated all critical errors.
  2. Optimized “seasonal” pages — eliminated duplicates, wrote unique content and filled in metadata.
  3. Created and completed information pages.
  4. Engaged in external promotion – outreach with an emphasis on the quality of donors. During the year of work, about 100 backlinks were placed.


Traffic increased by 113% in a year

Improving the content of the site, increasing the number of references to it on the Internet is an ongoing process. This is the only way to get high and stable results and constant growth dynamics.

Case: relocating a website without losing organic traffic

Client:  Rough guides full-service travel platform.

Task: Implement site relocation to a new platform while minimizing the risk of losing organic traffic.

Main problems: 

The site was on WordPress. CMS did not allow to provide all business needs and necessary SEO requirements.

What was done: 

1. Formed requirements for the development of the site and the process of moving to a new platform from the technical side.

Issued a number of basic TOR:

  • technical optimization;
  • semantic markup;
  • metadata formation logic;
  • optimization of the blog section;
  • linking logic on the site.

2. We worked out the structure of the site and analyzed the content.

3. Website template optimized:

  • Worked out the site compliance with the E-A-T factor.
  • We improved the usability of the site, taking into account commercial factors.

4. Conducted intermediate site development support. Close work was carried out with programmers for the maximum implementation of all SEO requirements.

5. At the final stage, we checked the site again and agreed on the release. A number of unrealized tasks with low priority were moved to the post-release period and completed within the first week after the release.

6. After the release, we analyzed the site and fixed minor errors that occurred during the site transfer. We continued to monitor the reindexing of the site.



  • successfully updated the site and moved to a new CMS;
  • after the release of the site in October 2020, the traffic dipped slightly, but this was provoked by a seasonal decrease in activity in the niche;
  • Since January 2021, traffic has grown and outperformed previous levels despite an active period of COVID-19 related restrictions.

To minimize losses and errors when moving or launching a new site, connect SEO specialists.

Our recommendations

All the actions that SEO specialists do are aimed at making the site better. Better than competitors, better for search engine understanding.

The main actions for SEO in the service sector that will help improve positions:

  1. Choose a promotion strategy based on long-term business goals.
  2. Ensure compliance with technical requirements.
  3. Determine for which queries it is necessary to improve positions, which queries give traffic.
  4. Assess the competition and your capabilities, including the work of a programmer, content manager and the budget for external promotion.
  5. Don’t look for quick fixes. Good performance is the result of constant work.
  6. Ensure a constant selection of sites for placing the highest quality backlinks and the naturalness of the link profile.
  7. Constantly monitor the result and adjust the strategy of both internal and external optimization according to growth dynamics.


The #ADINDEX SEO team offers an individual and effective plan for each project. We will help you increase traffic and sales from organic search.

Leave a request and get advice from the SEO department.