WebPromoExperts: 4 Ways To Attract Premium Audience On Social Media

Before we start, there’s something worth specifying: it isn’t that hard to work with the premium segment of an audience (the one purchasing expensive goods). If you want to sell pricey products successfully and encourage your audience to make online transactions instead of leaving your website, you have to understand how the premium segment of this audience differs from any other segments. The premium audience needs more time to decide whether to make a purchase or not and needs more interactions with the content. At the same time, you have to use a different approach to set up the sales funnel for this segment.

As soon as you decide to work with premium audience, you have to plan the testing stages for such indicators as ‘frequency’ and ‘number of interactions with the content.’

It is also worth mentioning that some e-commerce projects with transactions occurring directly on a web platform require campaigns with a peak frequency of 18-20 displays per person. For instance, the effective frequency of a product remarketing campaign for people purchasing premium jewelry is 19.

Shortly speaking, you need to immediately plan the testing stage that will help you understand:

  • which content do you need to start working with premium audience;
  • how many times do you have to display that content;
  • which benefits (both rational and irrational) you need to specify during different stages of your ad campaign to encourage your audience to make a transaction.

Way №1: The Classic One

One of the first things you need to do to set up your ads correctly is to launch your ad campaign for relatively broad audiences.

But what is a broad audience exactly? For instance, if you use the Facebook Ads Manager for your campaigns, the size of your audience shouldn’t exceed 300,000 users and be less than 100,000 users.

What Is The Secret Of Targeting?

If you come up with the right set of interest and work to narrow down your audience during every stage of your ad campaign, you’ll be able to attract the leads that are willing to purchase online and have the money to do that.

The Right Ways To Narrow Down Your Audience:

  1. by geolocation;
  2. by age, gender, and marital status (if necessary);
  3. by common and widespread interests (clothes, accessories, premium real estate or premium brands like Diesel, Chanel, Tom Ford, Gucci, etc.);
  4. by position/detailed interests (for instance, fishing, self-education, schools, etc.);
  5. by behavior (for instance, people who purchase online or people who often travel abroad).

This is one of many examples to set up the targeting for your audience. If you use it as a base, you’ll most likely get the result that is above average.

Senior SMM manager


This is important. You have to create separate ad set groups in accordance with each segment of interest. When you set up the targeting for one group of ads, don’t set it up both for people who love cars and people who love premium brands’ clothing. Such settings are unstable and, therefore, dangerous. For instance, if social media displays such ads to car enthusiasts first and then will immediately switch to those who love Gucci, it could lower the profitability of your campaign, and it will be harder for you to understand why it happened.

Way №2: Find Your Target Audience Among Placements And Platforms

This method is based on the segmentation of your audience.

Here are a few examples of additional segmentation that we had successfully implemented while working with our clients.

✓By placements:

The most profitable campaigns are posted on:


  • instant articles;
  • feeds;
  • right column;
  • marketplace.


  • feeds.

✓By devices and operational systems:


  • A-brands’ top devices (Samsung, Apple, Sony, Huawei, Google).

Operational systems:

  • iOS, starting from 11th release;
  • Android, starting from 8th release.

Way №3: Segmentation By Positions

This option is effective if you offer expensive services, educational tools and services, and luxuries.

Ads Manager allows you to set up targeting both by the position’s name and by specific employers.

The existing CJM (Customer Journey Mapping, a marketing technology that simplifies the communication with the clients and increases the effectiveness of the strategies) allows you to make the most out of segmenting by employer’s name if your target audience works in large corporations and international companies. Such segmentation also works well for consulting and travel businesses.

Way №4: Locations: Shopping Malls, And Suburban Areas

If you work in B2B business and know exactly where most of your audience is concentrated, you should definitely try targeting by geolocation.

Ads Manager allows you to target precisely using marks on maps. The minimal radius of such a mark is 1 mile.

Senior SMM manager


When you use this type of targeting, do your best to include the target regions (such as elite residences, business centers, suburban clubs, and expensive hotels). Don’t forget to pay attention to the minimal and maximal size of your audiences.

The acceptable audience’s size, in this case, would be from 10 to 30 thousand users per city.

How To Understand If Your Ad Campaign Works Right?

You have to keep a couple of nuances in mind while working with a premium audience:

1) You can get direct transactions through the SMM advertising channel only if you offer products or services in the emotional shopping niche.

In any other case, you’ll need to launch an ad campaign with the following structure:


2) On average, it takes from 1 week to 3 months for a customer to decide to purchase through the SMM advertising channel (if the price of a product starts from $400).

3) When you don’t offer a mono-brand that could be purchased only from you and only on exclusive conditions, we recommend to schedule publications answering the following questions:

  • Why do the customers have to purchase from you and not from someone with a lower price (wealthy audience also values their money)?
  • How reliable and convenient is it to purchase from you?

4) Get ready to conduct multiple surveys among your audience. Look for the small places in your sales funnel.

Often it’s the premium audience who’s more open to the dialogue and understands your efforts to improve your business.

Which Indicators Show That Your Ad Campaign Brings Results?

You have to monitor the effectiveness of your ad campaign for all of Google Analytics goals.

If you don’t have any transactions, analyze the number of filled forms, callbacks, abandoned carts, and questions asked on a website.

Use dynamic remarketing to work with the audience that has already received your content.

You have to be very attentive in this case, as only the right audience (that views or interacts with your publications) could guarantee you good results.

In case you still don’t have any transactions, test the purchasing process on your website once again.

Pay attention to all the stages of the process to understand how convenient it is for your audience to buy from you.

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