What should I check before launching Facebook Ads campaigns?

Author: Anton Meshcheryakov, targetologist at ADINDEX agency

Difficulties with launching advertising campaigns, as a rule, arise at the initial stage of working with targeted advertising. You need to check before launching an ad:

Before launching with advertising, analyze competitors, as well as powerful market players in your business niche. See in advance what creatives and copywriting they use.

You can spy on your competitors with Advertising Libraries

Pic. 1. Facebook Ads Library Interface

Landing page

This is where users will go from your ads:


  • The site will become an excellent landing site if it loads quickly, and has a clear and easy-to-use interface. Pay attention to the display of the mobile version of the site and the presence of a correctly installed Facebook pixel. Website usability is everything.

Pic. 2. Landing page example as a landing page


  • Social media account and instant messengers: design your pages so that it is immediately clear what exactly you do and what services you provide.


Pic. 3. An example of an Instagram page as a landing page


✓ The structure of advertising campaigns on Facebook. 


A campaign contains one or more ad groups, and an ad group contains one or more ads.

Pic. 4. An example of the structure of Facebook advertising campaigns.

Before publishing a campaign, you should check:


  • Campaign Level
    At this level, you select an advertising “Goal” for ad optimization and a “Budget” for campaign optimization.
  • Ad set level
    At the group level, you create an audience for your ads using targeting options. Before starting, check:
  1. Budget (daily or for the whole period) and show schedule.
  2. Custom audiences and targeting options.
  3. Placements, optimization and attribution.
  • Ad level
    An ad is what your customers or audience will see. Before starting check:
  1. Launch Pages (Facebook/Instagram)
  2. Check texts and creatives for errors.
  3. Check if events are being tracked on the site (check the box).
  4. Enter and verify UTM tags in all ads.

In conclusion:
Don’t forget to check the settings, texts and creatives before launching. Well-targeted social media advertising networks will help your business increase the number of new customers and earn more.