10 time management hacks that will increase your efficiency

Time management is special ways, techniques and methods for time management, self-organization and self-management. Many are wondering how to increase personal efficiency, and the answer is simple – planned management, which comes down to lifestyle correction and self-improvement. This is very difficult at first, but over time, this algorithm of actions will allow you to improve your own productivity in a short time.

We have selected for you a few life hacks that help increase personal efficiency and effectiveness:

  1. Get ready for work.First of all, you need to clearly define the scope of your working day. Make a to-do list, set priorities and deadlines, then separate work and personal tasks, write down the time expected to complete them. If you do not learn how to maintain work-life balance, you will quickly find yourself hostage to round-the-clock work, and this is burnout. The antidote to it is the separation of work and personal life.
  2. Motivate yourself.A high level of self-motivation does wonders, a person approaches tasks with great enthusiasm and responsibility. Reward yourself, even for small victories and achievements.
  3. Planning: task list and prioritization. Ideal management is a plan for a year/quarter/month/week/day, with the help of which goals are achieved that seem unattainable. Plan, not only working time, but also personal, you will be more in time and less tired. To complete a task, you need to determine how urgent, complex and important it is, and only then proceed with its implementation. A pre-compiled list of tasks and actions increases the productivity of any type of activity.
  4. Use a single Task-Manager for all cases. It is a good tool to keep all tasks under control and fight against procrastination and time traps. Now there are many applications for managing tasks that simplify life with their functionality and are designed for both PC users and lovers of smartphones, iPhones, etc. For example, our employees use such task planners as Microsoft Planner, To Do List, Google Keep, To Do Reminder.
  5. Track your result. The Daily Team 5 Minute is a reliable technique for visually displaying tasks and time. A sort of plan / fact of work. It also gives an understanding at what stage to the goal, what can be improved or changed. Tasks (Do) are indicated on one scale of the schedule, and the time to complete them (Done) is indicated on the other. You can use Excel or a simple notepad.
  6. Reminder and sharing in Google calendar. Put reminders on the calendar about important events, phone calls, meetings, and you can also share this information with colleagues.
  7. Time to check mail and contacts to connect with your colleagues. Check your mail at the same time, 1-2 times a day, so as not to be distracted from current tasks. Turn off all messengers, leave one for urgent communication, and talk about it with your team.
  8. Rational approach to habits. Get rid of bad habits and start new and useful ones. Smoking, social networks, overeating, etc., all this negatively affects physical health and affects productivity. Use the 21 day rule to introduce good habits into your life, do not take everything at once, fill your life with new things gradually.
  9. Coffee-Break. Do not forget to take breaks, use this time to relax, communicate with family or informally communicate with colleagues.
  10. Never stop. There are no limits to perfection. Read books, take specialized courses, attend trainings, conferences, seminars and other developmental events for the purpose of personal and professional growth.

     By following these simple rules, the tasks will be performed much faster and better. In the meantime, you are growing as a specialist, increasing your efficiency and productivity. It also contributes to the emergence of free time that can be spent on yourself, family, and exploring new and interesting human possibilities.