How is the work of a strong and sound digital marketing agency’s team organized

#ADINDEX is an omnichannel marketing agency located in Dnipro. We provide business promotion services all over the world. We are a member of Premier Google Partners, the All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition and are among the best Ukrainian agencies according to The Clutch rating. 

The key value of #ADINDEX is the team. 

For 10 years of operation in the marketing industry, we have not only accumulated experience and knowledge, but also learned how to build processes in such a way as to effectively help build strong marketing to as many businesses as possible around the world, particularly, in Ukraine. Despite the crises, pandemic and war, our clients’ businesses continue to develop and grow. You can see the results that we achieved for our clients in the #ADINDEX cases section.

A strong and sound agency is a team of strong and sound professionals

Currently, the agency employs about 40 inhouse specialists. 

The company structure is represented by several specialized departments: SMM, SEO, PPC, AM (Account-), PM (Project Management), Analytics, Marketing and Back Office. Each department includes from 3 to 10 specialists.

On average, each specialist works with 1-2 to 5 clients from various niches. But for any project, there is always a team, which includes an account manager, a target expert and a supervisor responsible for the strategy and control over the implementation of key tasks. If a project includes several work directions or is associated not with a particular work direction, but with the marketing responsibility area as a whole, then the work team is represented by a project manager and a team of specialists from various departments. This allows an employee to work effectively, while continuously growing as a specialist due to the opportunity to master new skills and tools in the process of handling various tasks. ADINDEX specialists take part at conferences as speakers, give lectures and conduct webinars on marketing themes.


At the start, the client discusses the problems and needs of his business with sales specialists, after which a project strategy is developed, an initial media plan is made up and a project manager is assigned.

The further process of project implementation is led by the project manager (PM). PM is the person who knows the global goal of the project and sees the complete picture, thus helping departments to collaborate effectively and reinforce each other. The PM also directly communicates with the client, appoints calls when necessary and engages respective specialists to effectively resolve issues raised by the client. 

Such a work scheme is convenient for the client because he doesn’t need to search for a right specialist and wait for his answer. The only thing the client has to do is to write his PM in the messenger, and the PM will make sure that the client receives a quick and clear response. It can be just an answer in the chat or a more visual response in the form of tables, diagrams or a full-fledged text document. It all depends on the inquiry level.


Example of an answer to a client’s question about a decrease in conversions for a given period 

Example of an answer to a client’s question about a decrease in performance in a particular city


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For working with a client, a project team is assigned including from 3 to 9 specialists from different departments, who are responsible for achieving the result and the main goal, which is to increase the client’s business profitability.

Our company adopted a unified work scheme for all the departments, according to which a Senior specialist is assigned to each project. Depending on the project complexity level, the Senior can just supervise the project or take an active part in its implementation. The Senior is responsible for the implementation of the global strategy for the department and monitoring the performance of Middles and Junes on that project.


Our principles of working with a client are fully aligned with our internal working principles and the values of our company, which are respect, patience, and development. Our teams are always working on the result, which is achieved by ensuring the high quality and effective interaction processes. None of these criteria, if taken separately, can satisfy either us or our customers. Our principle is that sales growth should be effective and fall within the target ROMI.

In some cases, we need more information from the client’s business, exports from their CRM system and data on actual sales in order to work effectively. We continuously maintain a close contact with the client, because the high-quality work and project growth cannot be a one-sided game.
For example, in one of projects related to appliances on credit, there was a very long funnel from clicking the “Order” button on the website to the actual purchase. The potential buyer was verified for credit history, validity of passport details, etc. There was no way to set up end-to-end analytics for that process. Therefore, in order to increase the efficiency of contextual advertising, we requested a weekly 1C export from the client showing ad campaigns that attracted the buyers, the number of users who filled out the questionnaire and the number of them who became real buyers. We analyzed these exports and provided a brief weekly report to the client covering the efficiency of all campaigns with our recommendations for the optimization.

Example of a client’s 1C export

Example of a weekly report with recommendations for ad campaigns

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Sometimes clients come with projects that we obviously cannot help with. The client’s costs wouldn’t be worth the results achieved or there would be no results at all. Most often this is connected with limited capabilities on the client’s side, such as impossibility to rebuild the website, improve the usability, eliminate unnecessary and time-consuming registration steps, etc. In other cases, the client’s business is narrowly localized, for example, it is a luxury food store present in only two districts of Kiev. There is no delivery in Kiev outside these districts and no delivery to other cities of Ukraine at all. And the client wants a magic button, which would make his sales soar to x pcs per month in a month or two.
In such situations, we can opt out of the project and avoid frustrating the client, knowing that it is impossible to achieve the desired result.


As a standard for each project, we provide the client with a monthly report on the work performed, our performance, hindering factors, and plans for the next month. These reports can have different visual design, but they are always as clear and detailed as possible.

Examples of various monthly reports

There are projects for which either we or the client see the need for more frequent reporting in order to be able to quickly adjust advertising campaigns by strengthening effective campaigns and disabling those that do not bring the desired result.

Examples of weekly reports

In parallel with the reports, a plan vs. actual statement for the current month is prepared for the client, which shows in detail how the marketing budget was spent, on which advertising campaigns and how much time particular work actually took.

Example of a work plan of the PPC department

Example of a work plan of the SMM department

There are projects, for which we consider it necessary to monitor KPIs more often than once a month. They can be monitored on a weekly or even daily basis. It all depends on the project complexity level and the need for quick response to changes

Examples of weekly and monthly tracking reports for different projects

Why is #ADINDEX a strong agency?

Our many years’ experience of working with different clients helped us understand what is the most important for us to run an effective business. 

Strong #ADINDEX agency:

  • definitely has a sufficient expertise for problem solving thanks to its professional team and extensive experience
  • is ready to listen to the client
  • offers solutions
  • demonstrates initiative
  • has effective and sufficient workflow organization, communication, reporting and planning processes

To ensure that all this works effectively for the project growth, three main drivers are needed: a clear goal, common values and comfortable interaction. And then both the business and the agency will achieve their objective — systematic and continuous growth and development.


Do you want to make your marketing stronger than your competitors with us?

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