How we have changed, and what have we learned by joining the ADINDEX team.

We have already published a similar article on the ADINDEX blog about a year ago about the employees who have been working in the agency for a long time. Then they talked about how they have changed over the past three years and also reflected on the topic of what they would like to know back then.

Read that article.

The main conclusions then were the following:

  1. There is no need to be afraid to make mistakes because this is an experience.
  2. Being a human brand is rewarding.
  3. Sometimes it’s better to do a task just well than polish it to a perfect shine.
  4. It is essential to develop; you need to increase your value in the market.

And this time, we decided to interview employees who have been working for the company starting from six months to 2.5 years. We were interested to know how ADINDEX changed them, what they learned in the agency, and what skills they acquired, as well as what discoveries (for themselves) they made.


Marina Kalinkina: In ADINDEX, I understood: any business needs social networks! Facebook will not promote a brand without targeted advertising. 


калинкина марина.jpg

SMM targetologist

Marina Kalinkina

2.5 years in the agency’s team.

After 2.5 years of work at the agency, I know for sure that any business needs social networks. 

The main thing Facebook makes money on is advertising tools. It deliberately creates such an ecosystem in which it is impossible to promote your brand for free without attracting paid traffic. Therefore, you can’t do much without targeted advertising.

Over the years, I have mastered the setting of targeted advertising on a professional level and faced many nuances that I did not know about before, sometimes unpleasant, such as failure to pass ads moderation, suspension of impressions for no apparent reason.

Despite the fact that when working with Facebook, there are problems that annoy me, it is still interesting to use it. I love that this ecosystem is developing rapidly, with new tools coming out almost every month. It is essential to keep your finger on the pulse!

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Alona Kaspiyskaya: “In work, it is important to be loyal and turn off emotions. A sober mind is the best way to make the right decision.”

Digital Marketing Specialist

Alona Kaspiyskaya

One year in the agency’s team

What marketing is and how it works, I learned long before I started working in this field. In #ADINDEX, I learned how to manage it. In a short period (a year +), I matured, learned to think about more global tasks, and set the right goals. I realized that studying is inspirational, and your desires and ambitions are satisfied only thanks to you.

The main thing that I have learned for myself this year: do not be afraid to take responsibility and to be initiative. You can solve any problem when there is a team of like-minded people next to you who will not refuse help and support. You need to be loyal and turn off emotions; a sober mind is the best way to make the right decision.

#ADINDEX teaches you to be fair to anything.

#ADINDEX is about respect. Respect for yourself and others, your projects, your colleagues.

#ADINDEX for me is a small family, and every day I learn something new, rejoice in victories, and upset in failures (well, yes, it happens). I sincerely admire this agency, its leader, and the people I work with here.


Vlad Vasilenko: “In the ADINDEX, I realized: you need to study constantly.”



Local Marketing Specialist

Vlad Vasilenko

Two years in the agency

The first thing that I realized when I joined the ADINDEX team was that I needed to learn all the time. In the early days of my internship, I went through tons of materials in a wide variety of areas. How wrong I was when I thought that my training was over.

The second is that you can solve any task; it only takes time (and planning). Sometimes unusual problems come, which I have not even encountered, and this is where the most proven method comes to the rescue – to break the task into stages.

And the last thing is teamwork. I think this is one of the most important skills I have learned in ADINDEX. When working in a team, everything turns out not only faster but even better and more fun.

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Arthur Altanets: I found myself and the work that suited me in the ADINDEX.


CRM Implementation Specialist

Arthur Altanets

Seven months in the agency

I managed to work in many areas and with different people. I was always looking for myself, but only when I came to ADINDEX, I understood what it means to enjoy my work. I can safely say that I have found myself and a job that suits me the best.

Over the past seven months, I have learned more than anywhere else. And a pleasant surprise was the mutual support in the team, where everyone is ready to answer a question and suggest a solution if you need help. I want to correspond to such a crew; therefore, I constantly improve myself, learn new things, and raise my skills.

The most interesting was the development of projects, implementation of CRM systems from scratch. Of course, I had to read, learn, compare, analyze a lot, but this is what I was striving for and where I can apply all the knowledge I have gained.

If someone offered me to change something in my past, I would not do it; otherwise, how would I have learned about such a company and started working at ADINDEX?

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Polina Ohai: “In the ADINDEX, I become more self-confident, and now I am not afraid to ask others for help if I have trouble with something. That is normal!”




Polina Ohai

Ten months in the agency

I came to the ADINDEX like a blank slate. Yes, my university education gave me a rough understanding of what web analytics is, but no more. I remember having an interview at the end of December, and they told me that they were expecting me on January 2 at work, and until then, I have time to learn more about my future profession. After the interview, they sent me materials to get acquainted with the basics of web analytics. I spent the holidays studying this information, and then it seemed to me that I could never set up events or goals without peeping into the directory.

At first, I did the most elementary tasks, which I already perfected, but from time to time, I had more complex tasks, and then I started to have a slight panic. It seemed that I couldn’t do it, that someone would do it much faster and better, etc. But every time, slowly or quickly, but I managed to do everything right.

And after ten months of working at ADINDEX, I can say for sure that I have changed: I have become more confident in myself; now, when the task seems challenging to me, I do not panic but try to break it down into smaller tasks and cope with them. It also helped that I can always ask my mentors for advice; at the beginning of my career, it seemed to me that it was wrong, and I could even blame myself for the fact that somewhere I could not do without help. Yes, I was wrong, but it’s a good thing that I have changed.

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Elena Lebed: “Before ADINDEX, I worked as a dance teacher for ten years. But here, at the agency, I realized that there are no boundaries and you can learn anything you want. The main is desire.”

Project manager

Elena Lebed

1.5 years in the agency

Well, what can I say about me … 1.5 years ago, I came to work at ADINDEX as an assistant to one of the project managers.

I still wonder how Vadim decided to hire me.

Up to this moment, I have been successfully working as a dance teacher for about ten years. Then, suddenly, I decided to try something else, to change my life. I took internet marketing courses, and after graduation, I left my resume at

Honestly, I thought they would kick me out before the end of the probationary period.

It takes a long time to tell what happened and how, but by the end of the first month, I was happy that this was how fate had developed, and I was working in the ADINDEX!

I have a favorite, fascinating job that I want to do every day!

I have an excellent boss – Vadim, and the most amazing colleagues.

To a large extent, Vadim (CEO of the agency) helped me understand that there are no boundaries, that you can learn to do and understand any work if you only have a desire.

But the atmosphere of the company is also essential for me – everyone here is friendly, they will always help and prompt if there are any questions about work or just about life.

I can write a lot about how much I love this company; for me, it is another life resource that inspires me.

If talking about any personal achievements, then I learned a lot over these one and a half years, mastered many new services and tools for myself, overcame my inner fears, became more organized with my time, and just more confident in myself.

I also understand that there is still room to grow, learn, and develop.