Interview: Vadim Pilipenko, Head Of ADINDEX

Vadim Pilipenko is the founder of the internet marketing agency ADINDEX.UA. We talked with Vadim about his mission, dreams, and business, naturally. Here’s what we discussed 🙂

What were your childhood dreams?

I don’t remember. Probably, nothing special. A company of friends, a seafront, a guitar — what else could a teenager dream of? 🙂

How did the creation of your business change you?

I became more patient.

photo_2019-12-17_11-20-35.jpgVadim and his hobby 🙂

Which was the main lesson you’ve learned from 7 years of entrepreneurship?

You get what you deserve. You understand it clearly in this field. Your level is the thing that limits you, and boosting your level (of competence, understanding, maturity) is the exact thing that leads to the result.

What inspires you in your work?

People I work with: my colleagues in the agency, our clients.

When we come up with new exciting options/ideas, implement them, and achieve results — this is fantastic!

When I can learn something from someone else. I’m grateful to life for such opportunities.

When I see growth and development — of our team, our agency in general, the clients’ projects, and my own. This is both the goal and the result.

Tell us more about the agency’s team.

We are all very different, and each one of us is peculiar in their own way. 🙂 However, I do hope that all of us value patience, respect, and growth, that all of us see them as key concepts that help us live and cooperate, and achieve results. For each one of us and all of us together.

Дизайн без названия.png
Agency’s team. Taking a picture for New Year’s postcard. 🙂

What is your mission?

To help people.

What was the most memorable to you about 2019?

For me, this was probably the year that flew by quicker than the others. It was very fast and very slow at the same time. Our agency becomes more mature, which affects many internal processes. Qualitative changes aren’t easy, they could be even painful sometimes, and they cause new tasks that require a lot of thinking. However, this is probably the way it should be.


What did you understand/realize/discover in 2019 that you didn’t know before?

The fact that my kids will be living in a world that completely differs from mine. 🙂

photo_2019-12-17_12-59-45.jpgVadim with kids

How do you want to see the ADINDEX agency in 2020?

I want to see it as a confident expert that solves more complex and more interesting tasks.

If you could say one thing to every business owner, what would it be?

I’m not sure that I have the right to give advice. However, if you need a partner for the long run — ADINDEX might be the best option for you right now.

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