Natalia Palivoda: “I live in the project until I bring it to perfection.”

Interview with #ADINDEX agency employees. Issue No. 9.


Natasha talks about a cardinal change of profession, unpromising projects, and how to achieve results in PPC.

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Natalia Palivoda, Senior PPC specialist at #ADINDEX agency


How did you get into the #ADINDEX agency?

I worked in a large corporation for many years in a managerial position. Everything seemed to be fine, my career developed, etc., but more and more often I caught myself thinking that I didn’t get satisfaction, I did not improve, I was miring in routine work. But I wanted it to be like in my twenties – a thirst for discovery, every day is something new and exciting, even if it will be difficult. 


And I came to the conclusion that I need to change everything in my life, and this is a good test of my strength 🙂 because a lot of contradictory questions arise: what about the whole path that I went through? Will I achieve anything starting from zero? Can I master a new profession and become a qualified specialist? But at the same time, I wanted to find a job where you can improve all the time, where is an endless flow of information and where I can apply my analytical skills. I wanted it to be a “young” profession that has a future. And my choice fell on internet marketing. But it appeared that for “the system update” my version turned out to be outdated. The basic knowledge and immersion in the topic were needed, so I took the courses choosing the direction of SEO. 


The day after finishing the course, I sent out my resume. I was called for an interview at several agencies. The first place I got to was ADINDEX. After a long conversation about SEO, life, and previous experience, the insightful Vadim (note – the head of ADINDEX) told me: “You should succeed in PPC, do you want to try? The night is ahead, you should think and if you decide to work with us, come tomorrow morning and tell me in which department.” I trusted his experience and went to the PPC department, which I still do not regret. Taking this opportunity: Thank you, Vadim). I didn’t want to go to other interviews. I intuitively realized that I had come to the right place.


It’s better to change your life than to change yourself.


Has the agency changed since then?

It has matured. When I came three years ago, it was a promising, ambitious teenager who knew what it wanted and how to achieve its goals. All thanks to excellent specialists, the priceless experience of communicating with numerous customers, streamlined processes inside, thanks to which there are clear areas of responsibility and order, and this is the guarantee of comfortable work in the agency. 


#ADINDEX team three years ago


How have you personally changed?

Paradoxically, but in the agency, I gained more confidence in myself than I did in my past life. I get satisfaction from what I do. I learned to step out of my comfort zone with a dose of adrenaline and the deep satisfaction that I was able to overcome my fear. For example, I have partially overcome my fear of public speaking, and now I am happy to teach courses for juniors. I am glad that I was not mistaken either in choosing a profession or in choosing an agency. It’s like choosing a school, everyone is looking for a modern institution with a big name, but you just need to find a good teacher. At the time when I was looking for a job, the name of the agency was not yet heard, but there were advanced specialists-mentors who shared knowledge and charged with their energy and thirst for new things. 


Natasha graduated students of the “Junior PPC Specialist” course.


What do you like most about your job?

I like my job because:

  • there is a certain freedom of action;
  • with a properly organized process, the result is not long in coming;
  • every day there is new knowledge, a lot of information, and experience, you just need the desire and aspiration to receive all this;
  • there is no limit to perfection, and you can expand the scope, master new tools;
  • you can share your knowledge, teach people who want it, and enjoy the way new excellent specialists grow before your eyes;
  • due to its specificity, it is different all the time – there are different niches, businesses, goals, customers, tasks. You never stand still!

#ADINDEX team at the DMC conference, 2018


What is your approach to working with employees, clients, and projects?


I am very lucky with the team, and everyone who works here is worthy of respect, I am proud of my colleagues. I have something to learn, and something to strive for, my team is my motivator. The most important thing is respect for people and their personal space. It is important for me to find an approach and feel the person so that communication is comfortable and productive.



I do not have a separation of me and client’s business, I dive into it, and treat as much as possible as my own business (I went through a good school of immersion in business in my previous job, so this cannot be knock out). Important things: honesty, transparency, openness in relationships, mutual communication, the more the client shares, the easier it is to get the result. It is important for me to get the client’s trust, but this is a matter of time, and it must be earned. I am a fan of my projects.



I imbued in it, I study deeply, set high standards (as Vadim taught), I live in it until I bring it to conditional perfection (perfectionism). I love them like children, there are obedient and not so much, but I still love them all.


I am a fan of my projects.

What skills and traits do you think a SEA specialist should have?

  • Desire, aspiration, ambitions
  • Thirst for new knowledge and curiosity.
  • Patience: both professional growth and project growth take time.
  • An analytical mindset, since an integral part of a specialist’s work, is analyzing a large amount of data.


There is also a wide field for creativity in this work, so you can get creative in writing ads, generate ideas for memorable banners.


Natasha and her colleagues in PPC


What are you most proud of while working here?

The most pleasant moments are when the customer expresses their satisfaction with the result (your ideas about good performance do not always coincide with theirs). It brings happiness and joy when new projects come on the recommendation of existing clients this is an indicator of the highest degree of trust on their part. I am proud when we take a hopeless project, with a customer who has lost all hopes and bring it to a high level of sales with CPA, which they could have not hope for. It’s nice when the relationship with the customer and the degree of trust reach such a level, when you manage the size of the budget, understanding what result you should get. 


Were there any difficult situations? How did you deal with it?

There were times – this is life.) There is a way out of any situation, the main thing is to understand the reason, find a way to fix everything, and later not go down that road, correctly and honestly present the problem and solutions to the customer. In our department, there is always a shoulder, that will be substituted for you, you are not left alone with a problem – brainstorming, expert opinion, moral support – all this quickly helps to resolve a difficult situation. And then, together, we disassemble it to the smallest detail, so that everyone learns from someone else’s mistake, right down to writing a checklist.


I live in the project until I bring it to perfection.


In your opinion, without what #ADINDEX wouldn’t be #ADINDEX?

Without Vadim – a unique Person, Head, Marketer

And, of course, without those who work in #ADINDEX. For me, people and the relationship between them are in the first place. Our agency adheres to three principles: Respect, Patience, and Development, this is very important to me, and that is why I am here.)

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What are your inspirations in your everyday life?

My children inspire me, I try to live in such a way that they have a good example before their eyes, so partly, my act of starting everything from zero was associated with them, I wanted to show them that it is better to change life than to change yourself. I get inspired by books. I like reading more than watching films. For me, this is the best way to relax, go into another reality, rethink what is happening, any book intersects with what is here and now. The last books that touched me are A. Roy – The God of Small Things, K. Ishiguro – Don’t Let Me Go, R. Ozeki – My Fish Will Live, J. Fowles – The Collector, T. Benacquista – Saga, O. Camus – The Stranger, F. Beckman – Bear’s Corner, S. Rooney – Normal people (I choose according to my mood and state). And English lessons take a special place in my life.


In your opinion, in order to achieve success/result in promotion in PPC, business needs …?

  • To look at your site through the eyes of a user and do everything in the power of the business to make it simple, understandable, and quick for the user to perform any actions. Trust and loyalty are two key points.
  • Always be aware of what competitors have. Often, having seen the list of competitors that a business provides, I understand that we are talking about different things. We are talking about those competitors with whom you are in the same search results, take part in the same auctions.
  • To understand and voice the desired KPIs. The effective managing of the advertising campaigns is possible only if there is a clear understanding of what indicators you should aim for
  • Communicate more with the agency, voice all your goals, problems, USP. Like at a doctor’s appointment – the more information, the easier it is to diagnose and treat correctly.)
  • To give your project to someone you trust, to listen, and hear specialists. This is a matter of time, and the agency must deserve it, but it must come to this, otherwise, there will not be good luck, because everyone must do their own thing.


The more the client shares his ideas, goals, and weaknesses, the easier it is to get the result.