Results of the 2nd half of 2020 in #ADINDEX

Six months ago, in August 2020, we released the first part of the article based on the results of last year. The first half of the year was turbulent, but we did it! The second half of the year was also challenging: although the quarantine slightly weakened, we still had to observe the mask regime, work remotely and keep a distance. But we still managed to have few corporate parties and office gatherings.

So, the brightest ADINDEX events from August 2020 to February 2021. Let’s go!

Created and uploaded a new Ukrainian website

That is one of our most significant achievements. We have tried to make the new site as convenient as possible for visitors. The work on it is not finished yet, but you can use it right now. That is how the home page looks like:

View new site

Took part in two eSputnik webinars

In September 2020, Vadim Pilipenko (owner and founder of ADINDEX) spoke about omnichannel in retail:

Watch the webinar recording

Vadim’s presentation is available here.

And in January of this (2021) year, ADINDEX’s email marketer, Polina Ohai, made a presentation on mailings for niche perfumery and cosmetics:

Watch the webinar recording

Polina’s presentation is here.

Participated in ratings and received certificates

Rating of Ukrainian PPC agencies 2020, Ringostat. ADINDEX ranked 12th:

Ranking – SEO through the eyes of customers 2020, SEO News. ADINDEX is in TOP-25 companies and the only company from Ukraine:

Rating – TOP SEO companies in Ukraine, SuperbCompanies. ADINDEX in 8th place:

Also, our email marketer, Polina Ohai, received a certificate from the HubSpot Academy:

Launched a new warm section on Facebook

ADINDEX’s #feelings are Love, Trust, Patience, and Confidence in the future:

Look for more feelings on the hashtag #adindexfeelings on Facebook.

Released several cool cases and joint materials with partners

There are certainly more of them, but this list contains the best:

  • Features of promotion in different countries: USA, Europe, Asia. ADINDEX, OWOX, and Serpstat experience
  • SEO trends of 2021: what to do and to what is the time to say goodbye
  • Zoomers, Millennials, Gen X, or Boomers: Generational Impact on eCommerce
  • Increased revenue for niche perfumery store by 800% per month during quarantine using email newsletters
  • How to update a website without losing ranking position

More agency cases here.

Released several interviews with agency employees

Nadya and Marina told in their interviews about funny incidents at work, things they are proud of, and client projects. We also had a lot of material about how people from the ADINDEX team have changed since joining the agency.

All articles about the team

Transformed the agency team into cartoon characters

You probably remember this post of ours in the agency group on Facebook (by the way, join us, we often publish all sorts of interesting things there):

We had fun Halloween and New Year parties

On the last day of October, the ADINDEX girls decorated the office and dressed up as witches. You can view all photos here.

And this is the pre-New Year bustle and gifts from Google:

Julia Murzatova, our smiling SMM manager, with Christmas balls from Google

Replenished the agency team with new employees

In the second half of 2020 and early 2021, nine new employees joined us.

We also asked some of our teammates to share their impressions of the past 2020 and what they expect from 2021.

Alena Kaspiyskaya, marketer

I remembered the year 2020 for leaving the so-called comfort zone. There are more projects, cups of coffee replaced your water, and everyone around became Oleg. =) But it personally became my starting point in the development of both hard and soft skills. We learned to communicate and work without leaving home, reached new heights of patience, and developed steel endurance. Although the covid left a negative imprint, there were many more great events. There are more responsibility and understanding that I have chosen the right path and want to continue to develop in my direction.

From this year, I look forward to completing my checklist and even more cool projects. More gatherings at #ADINDEX talks and board games, more walks along the evening Dnipro with my beloved colleagues, more smiles, and more patience. I really miss the planes and travel, so hopefully, they will return to my daily life in 2021.

Julia Murzatova, SMM manager

The past year has been absolutely unusual. We had to learn to do what we never did, the way we never did. In the second half of the year, the SMM department had many changes; our team was strengthened by three incredible young specialists, TriAd: Alina, Arina, and Anton. Many captivating projects appeared, including life coach Andrey Protasenya, real estate developer ABV Estate, OneDayBandle, Aromateka, Bags, etc. Our clients, our environment, and life, in general, are tirelessly teaching us something new every day.

I expect from 2021 that each of us will be in the right place at the right time. Each person will be motivated out of desire, not out of guilt. I dream that everyone in the team will be able to reveal themselves, to prove their true self, and in the process, in the flow of this synergy, something new, crazy, and terrific will be born.

Irina Mamedova, account manager

So, what is 2020 remembered for:

1. We had fantastic time bowling with my teammates – it was after the New Year’s corporate party.
2. The boys congratulated us very sincerely on the 8th of March.
3. Then quarantine came, and I had to quickly set up work from home, be in touch with clients even more than usual, and make quick decisions.
4. I remember my webinar, which was hosted by Zen Hub. I spoke with the topic – Profession of account manager.

2021 started for me even better than 2020, so I don’t want to guess at all. I think it will surprise us too, not less.