Targetologist Marina Kalinkina: “It’s boring for me to be engaged in the same project, that’s why I chose to work in an agency: there are many different projects here!”

Meet Marina)


Targetologist Marina Kalinkina

Tell us, how did you get into the #ADINDEX agency?

I came to the agency with an already formed idea that I want to work with different niches and projects. If I do the same thing, I get bored over time, so when looking for a job, I was definitely set for an agency. The agency found me by my resume, and I successfully passed the vacancy of a junior SMM specialist. That is how my journey at ADINDEX began.

My job is a rare combination of creativity and analytics.

Has the agency changed since then?

It has changed. The expertise of many employees has grown, working conditions have improved; the number of achievements of the agency has grown as well. I am proud that we are regularly included in the TOP ratings. For example, recently, ADINDEX was included in the TOP SMM Companies in 2020 by We are in the top ten (6th place).

How have you personally changed?

I started as a junior SMM specialist and quickly grew up in graduation to a senior SMM specialist. That is due to the fact that ADINDEX values ​​the aspiration and growth of its employees. Also, because the management knows how to listen to employees, I was able to become a more highly specialized specialist – the first targeting specialist in the SMM department. At this stage, I am in a new role for myself as a mentor, and I am raising a new specialist. The role of a mentor is another step in career growth and an opportunity to show yourself.

What do you like most about your job?

I like my job because:

  • I create a result, and I am getting paid for it, and not for something abstract;
  • I have a certain freedom of action;
  • I interact much more with content and numbers than with people;
  • no routine – different niches, goals, and objectives;
  • my job is a rare combination of creativity and analytics.

At this stage, I am in a new role for myself as a mentor. That is a new step for me.

What is your approach to working with employees, clients, and their projects?


I respect my colleagues and help them when they need it.

I am quite direct in a constructive sense in relation to my colleagues.

I believe it is true that Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author of The Humor Advantage, once said: Being honest and straightforward is a truly essential component of respect. We are not inclined to respect vague or spineless people.


Marina is in the middle, on the sides – colleagues in the department, Yulia and Ira.



Concerning communication with clients, I always share with them my opinion on what should be finalized or corrected on the website or the business page on social networks. I do this based on my experience. I voice any suggestions so that the site and social networks give a good conversion.

Since every social network regularly improves services, I promptly inform the client about new tools and suggest testing them.


I apply all knowledge and experience because in my work, in order to achieve a result, you need to test various approaches and hypotheses persistently. 


What skills and character traits, in your opinion, should an SMM specialist (or a targetologist, in particular) have?

The targetologist must have the following soft skills:

  • understanding of working with numbers and communication skills, because the specialist not only communicates with the client on the issues of the advertising campaign but also connects these issues with the predicted metrics for the product;
  • independence and ambition – the ability not only to look for new information on targeted advertising but also to be interested in related areas (PPC, SMM, analytics);
  • time management and the ability to correctly distribute tasks, as they interact a lot with copywriters, designers, analysts;
  • sharing company values – an employee must be close to the culture and traditions of the company in order to enjoy work and achieve high results.

And also hard skills:

  • business thinking and understanding of the digital market;
  • analysis and segmentation of the target audience;
  • setting up advertising campaigns in accounts;
  • creation of creatives and texts for advertising campaigns;
  • work with analytics systems;
  • work with parsers, remarketing/retargeting pixels;
  • analysis and optimization of advertising campaigns;
  • budget planning;
  • reporting;
  • ownership of tools – Facebook Ads, VKontakte, myTarget, Google Analytics, Business Manager Facebook, Crello, Google Sheets, competitor monitoring services, mind mappers, parsers.


What are you most proud of while working here?


I am proud of the agency’s long-term cooperation with many clients. That is an indicator of high satisfaction with our work as an agency.

смм (1).png

The employees from the SMM department


Were there any difficult situations? How did you deal with them?

Of course, there were. I am always looking for a way to fix everything and not spoil the relationship with the client. I also share my experience with all my colleagues so that they do not repeat the mistake or miss something. We even have a shortcut IMPORTANT! for such messages in the chat of the SMM department.

What do you think, without what #ADINDEX wouldn’t be #ADINDEX?

  • without energetic and excellent specialists;
  • without certain freedom of action and initiative of each of the employees;
  • without large marketing budgets;
  • without the desire to share their knowledge, to teach people who want it.


SMM team


What are your inspirations in your everyday life? What you read/listen to/watch? What is your hobby?

I get inspired by webinars, conferences, useful materials, case studies from other companies. I study and listen a lot. For example, for the last three years, I have not missed the WebPromoExperts SMM Day online conference.

In addition, I go to theaters and cinema, listen to classical music. I get inspired by other people’s stories and their lifestyle; I take a lot from Youtube channels (Life of others, Better at home, Expats, Rumor has it). I broaden my horizons with the program What? Where? When?.


In your opinion, in order to achieve success/result in SMM promotion, business needs…?


  1. Understand and voice your pains, goals, problems, USP.
  2. Study your audience.
  3. Generate quality content that should interest buyers and be useful to them.
  4. Interact with your clients, communicate with them, use scripts.
  5. Receive quality feedback from customers.
  6. Respond promptly to requests.
  7. Listen and hear the specialists with whom the business works for results.


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