7 Tips On Using Google My Business During The Quarantine

The author of the article: Olena Berezovska, lead analyst at the ADINDEX agency.

Elena Berezovskava

Head of Digital Analytics department


Nowadays, when everyone stays at home, offline businesses need to learn how to start working online, even if they never used the internet for promotion before.

If you are an owner of a cafe, restaurant, store, or offer any other services, now is the right time for you to meet Google My Business.

Google My Business is a free tool that enables:

  • The clients to find information about your company on Google services, such as Search and Maps.
  • You to communicate with your clients online.
  • You to offer your clients information about changes and updates that happen in your company.

As you see, Google My Business could become a conductor between you and your clients.

Here’s how your campaign will look visually.

This card containing information about a company could appear in Google search results or during the search in Google Maps.


In this article, we’re going to offer you 7 tips on how to use Google My Business during the quarantine.

Tip 1. Tell your clients that you currently don’t work or switched to another work schedule.

Google My Business service enables you to publish news on behalf of a company’s owner. This allows you to:

  • Tell your clients about your new work schedule that you (maybe) implemented because of the current situation.
  • Announce the delivery of your products.
  • Tell about the promo campaigns and/or discounts.

Tip 2. Provide your company’s contact information: a phone number, website, or links to social media.

Also, be sure to add the link to the order/feedback form to the company’s card you create in this service.

Tip 3. Specify attributes for your company that could help the users find you easier.

The most relevant attributes at the moment are delivery, takeaway food, card payment.

Tip 4. Create a menu or a product catalog on the card.

This will allow the users to learn more about the things you sell even if you don’t have a website yet.

Tip 5. Answer your clients’ questions and comments.

This tip is always relevant. When competition is high, all else being equal people will pick the company that values their clients, is open to dialogue, values their reputation, and therefore does everything to satisfy a client.

Tip 6. Launch an advertising campaign for your card.

You don’t need a website when you can use an advertising launch service. If the users are looking for a store, a restaurant, or a delivery service on Google Maps, you can use advertising to get ahead of the competitors.

Tip 7. Create a temporary website until you create a permanent one.

You don’t have a website yet, but you still need to have a small business card and a feedback form? Google My Business allows you to create a temporary website for communication with clients with the help of a designer kit.

However, it won’t be able to replace a full-fledged website, as such mini-website has several flaws:

  • It’s hard to add additional content.
  • They are hard to optimize for search results.
  • They have a complex and poorly-looking URL domain: [website’s name].business.site

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